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What is Web Check-in?

Web check-in is an online process by which passenger(s) can Check-In through PIA website prior to arrival at the airport and save their valuable time.

Passengers with their Reservation and Ticket in order will be able to Check-In online where available. Passenger needing special handling needs to report to Airport Counter.


Question: Where can I use Web Check-In?

Answer:  WebCheck-In is currently available for domestic flights between Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Gradually other domestic and International stations will be added.


Question: When can I perform Web Check-In?

Answer:  For Domestic Flights passenger(s) will be able to perform Web Check-In 24 hours before scheduled departure until 06 hours before departure.


Question: How will I drop my baggage?

Answer:  Baggage Check-In is not part of Web Check-In and passenger has to report to Check-In counter for baggage drop.


Question: What should I do when experience a problem while checking-In online?

Answer:  If the passenger was unable to print the Boarding Pass OR were not issued a Boarding Pass, Please report to the Airport Check-In counter.


Question: How to perform Web Check-in?

Answer:  There are three main steps, visit the PIA website and go to Web Check-In.

  1. Retrieve your booking

Retrieve your booking by entering your PNR / booking reference and last name, OR  e-ticket number and the last name to retrieve your booking.

  1. View Passenger / flight details and Select Seat(s)

Confirm all the passengers and flight details on your booking and Select your seat(s).

You can also add your frequent flyer number if not included yet.

  1. Confirm your Check-in

Review the details of your booking, read the Hazardous materials statement. As soon as you agree and click OK, Continue the passenger(s) will be Checked-In.

In case of successful check-In passenger will be able to read message “Successfully Checked In Passenger(s)”. The passenger(s) can now email or take print of the boarding pass.


Question: When do I need to arrive at the airport if I check in online?

Answer:  After Check-In please makes sure you report at the Check-In counter 90 minutes prior to departure of flight. Please don’t forget the time required for security checks prior to visit a Check-In counter.


Question: What should I do when I arrive at the airport?

Answer:  If the passenger has printed the Boarding Pass, Please report to Check-In counter for baggage drop/ other formalities.