Agent M/s Noor Ul Mughees has defaulted.  Following Passers are advised to contact the Agency as he did not make payment to PIA for their tickets. We are sorry and we cannot allow you to travel against the tickets for which we have not received payment:-    

TKT:2141718589643    NAME:BUTT/SALAHUDDIN MR        

TKT:2141718589645    NAME:SHAHERYAR/NIAZI MR                                        

TKT:2141245273923     NAME:FAISAL/BAWANY MR                                          

TKT:2141245273924    NAME:TOOBA/FAISAL MRS                                            

TKT:2141245273925     NAME:MUHAMMAD/AYYAN MSTR                                          

TKT:2141245273926    NAME:AYANA/FAISAL MISS              

TKT:2141245273929    NAME:ZAHRA/AROOJ MS                                              

TKT:2141245273930    NAME:MAHAM/QAMAR MS            

The complete address of the agent is given below:-    

Office No.01, Ist Floor, Adil Plaza, Peco Road, Opp: Masjid Al-Habib, Towh Ship Lahore.      

Off: 042-35948280, E-mail Address:  


for Passenger Sales Manager
PIA,   Lahore
Tel: +92-42-99202327
Tel: +92-42-990362278
Fax: +92-42-99202321

PIA female cabin crew passing out ceremony held

Karachi, February 20, 2017

Passing out ceremony of the 378th batch of female Flight Service Basic Training Course in which 14 newly inducted air-hostesses graduated, was held at PIA Training Centre (PTC) here today.

CEO PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand was Chief Guest and distributed certificates among the graduating air-hostesses.

 Expressing his views on the occasion Mr. Hildenbrand congratulated the air-hostesses and asked them to ensure provision of best services and hospitality to PIA’s passengers.

 One of the graduating air-hostesses, on behalf of the whole batch, said they will strive to bring a positive change in PIA’s service, aiming to take the airline to greater heights.

The course was spread over 12 weeks during which training was imparted on various aspects of flight services. The ceremony was also attended by senior PIA officials.

A group photograph of CEO PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand with graduating air-hostesses of the 378th female flight service basic training course at PIA Training Centre Karachi on February 20, 2017.
CEO PIA, Mr Bernd Hildenbrand distributing the certificate to a graduating air hostess of the 378th female flight service basic training course held at PIA Training Centre Karachi on February 20, 2017.

Press Release

Karachi; February 8, 2017 

Reference media queries it is explained that as per National Aviation Policy an aircraft cannot be wet-leased for more than six months. Accordingly, PIA’s Agreement with Sri Lankan Airlines for wet lease of one Airbus A330 is expiring on February 09, 2017.

Following PPRA rules, PIA has already shortlisted the aircraft offered against a recent tender for wet lease which is planned to be inducted in the later part of current month after completion of regulatory formalities.

Till the arrival of shortlisted aircraft, PIA’s flights to London will be operated by PIA’s Boeing 777 aircraft.

Spokesman’s Statement


Karachi; February 7, 2017

Reference media queries it is explained that UK authorities received some vague security threat through an anonymous phone call regarding PIA’s Lahore-Heathrow flight PK-757 before its landing at Heathrow, after which, as per their standard procedures the aircraft was diverted to Stansted airport. Security clearance is underway. All passengers onboard are safe and being looked after by PIA’s local management. Passengers will be provided surface transport to London. For the return flight efforts are underway to ensure least inconvenience to passengers.


Sports Gala 2017 inaugurated


Karachi; February 7, 2017

A four-day PIA Training Centre (PTC) Sports Gala was inaugurated by CEO PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand here today. The event would conclude on February 10.

Students of Aerospace Engineering and Avionics, studying at PTC, are taking part in various indoor and outdoor games including cricket, football, snooker, table tennis, tug of war and badminton. The students have been divided into five houses — Boeing Gladiators, Airbus Spartans, Antonov Thunders, Rolls Royce Phantoms and Bombardier Titans. Another feature of this sports gala is career counseling facility being provided to the students, giving them guidance on careers in aviation industry.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Hildenbrand said that in team sports we stand for our colleagues and join hands for a united cause. He said sports keep us mentally and physically strong and healthy while making us good team members and communicators. Through sports we learn an important lesson that in order to succeed, all team members must move in one direction in a united and disciplined manner. He said a healthy body provides a strong basis for a successful career. He wished the competing students the best of luck in this event.

The ceremony was attended by PIA Directors, General Managers, PTC faculty members and students of the training institute

sports gala
A group photo of CEO PIA Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand with the participants of PIA Training Center Sports Gala 2017 along with airline’s management at Karachi on February 7, 2017.
sports gala 0
CEO PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand lighting a torch to inaugurate PIA Training Center Sports Gala 2017 at Karachi on February 7, 2017.

Press Release


Karachi; February 1,2017

cholistan racing
CEO PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand inspecting the vehicle branded in PIA colors, which would participate in the Cholistan Desert Rally 2017 starting from February 10.

PIA starts additional flights between Karachi and Islamabad

Karachi; February 1, 2017

PIA has started two additional flights between Karachi and Islamabad from today.  

The additional flights PK-366 (Karachi-Islamabad) and PK-367 (Islamabad-Karachi) would be operated at 1300 hrs and 1600 hrs respectively.  

In addition, the time of PK-368 (Karachi-Islamabad) has been changed from 1100 hrs to 1000 hrs. Similarly, time of PK-369 (Islamabad-Karachi) has been changed to 1300 hrs instead of the previous 1400 hrs.  

All flights between Karachi and Islamabad would now be operated on jet aircraft.  


Karachi; January 29, 2017

Reference media reports regarding PIA’s flight PK-719 (Lahore-Milan-Paris) having a technical fault before its take off from Lahore, it is clarified that such reports are totally baseless and misleading. The aircraft was fully airworthy at the time of take off from Lahore. Probably a bird or some other foreign object hit the tail of the aircraft, slightly damaging it, shortly before it landed at Milan. This was detected during routine inspection carried out before each flight. The passengers who had to travel onward to Paris were sent through another airline. The aircraft is being repaired and would soon be made operational.



Karachi: January 24,2017

Reference media reports it is clarified that PIACL Board in its yesterday’s meeting did not disprove the raise in pilots’ salaries. PIACL Board stands by its commitment regarding raise in the salaries of pilots. Only a committee has been formed to settle audit observations in consultation with the representatives of pilots and the matter would soon be resolved.

9th meeting of PIACL Board held

Lahore: January 23,2017

The 9th Meeting of Board of Directors of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Ltd. (PIACL) was held here today. The meeting was chaired by Acting Chairman, Mr. Muhammad Irfan Elahi.

Matters relating to airline’s operations and improving its profitability came under discussion.


Karachi; January 24, 2017

Reference media reports it is clarified that PIACL Board in its yesterday’s meeting did not disprove the raise in pilots’ salaries. PIACL Board stands by its commitment regarding raise in the salaries of pilots. Only a committee has been formed to settle audit observations in consultation with the representatives of pilots and the matter would soon be resolved.

9th meeting of PIACL Board held

Lahore; January 23, 2017

The 9th Meeting of Board of Directors of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Ltd. (PIACL) was held here today. The meeting was chaired by Acting Chairman, Mr. Muhammad Irfan Elahi.
Matters relating to airline’s operations and improving its profitability came under discussion.

ERP system launched


Karachi; January 19, 2017

PIA has implemented the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to upgrade its existing systems, aiming to provide better operational control and decision support to the airline.

A ceremony in this regard was held at PIA Training Centre, here last evening in which CEO PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand was the Chief Guest.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Hildebrand said that office automation is very important for PIA to enable the airline to meet present and future demands. He said that ERP system would help PIA attain the goal of having a paperless environment, and not only bring efficiency to the systems but also make them environment friendly.

He said the implementation of ERP will enable management to have better administrative control and operational efficiency, in addition to improving decision making with robust and accurate business information, integrated operations, transparency and simple easy-to-use interface.

Sharing his views on the occasion, Mr. Alvin Chia, Director Oracle said that this project has been completed in a short span of 12 months, which is a record, not only in Pakistan, but also worldwide. This shows the dedication and motivation of PIA team. He said the main benefit that PIA would receive through this system is a marked reduction in management reporting time.

Mr. Naseer Akhtar, CEO Infotech said the level of commitment shown by PIA management in implementation of this project was exemplary. He congratulated the PIA management on laying the foundation of a system that will help PIA regain its past glory.

Earlier, Chief Financial Officer and Chief of ERP, Mr. Nayyar Hayat explained that ERP solution would have several modules including Financials, Supply Chain, Maintenance Management, Hyperion and BI, Human Resource and Project Management.

He said with the implementation of ERP PIA will now be able to ensure streamlined and optimized business operations, improved information sharing, increased supply chain efficiency, better process consolidation and simplified IT management. He said PIA once was a pioneer in aviation management innovation. However due to various constraints, over the years, the airline lagged behind in catching up with industry norms. It is therefore a milestone moment that PIA is now becoming ERP capable, he said.

Other senior officials of the airline were also present on the occasion.

CEO PIA Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand speaking at the implementation and launch of ERP solution at PIA Training Center Karachi. (January 19, 2017)
A group photo of CEO PIA Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand with senior officials of ERP implementation team and Director Oracle at the implementation and launch of ERP solution at PIA Training Center Karachi. (January 19, 2017)

PIA launches new in-flight entertainment system


Karachi; January 13, 2017

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has started providing intranet facility on few of its prime domestic flights from today. The system will allow passengers to access this entertainment content using their own cellphones, tablets and laptops.

Initially, the facility will be available on selected flights on Karachi-Islamabad and Karachi-Lahore routes. The flight numbers that will have this service are PK-300, PK-301, PK-302, PK-303, PK-304 305, PK-308 and PK-309.

In the first phase a total of 30 hours of content would be available including dramas, comedy, kids movies, tilawat, documentaries, safety videos, Urdu feature films and music. For the second phase work is underway on an app that will have 50 hours of content including western movies, interactive games for kids and moving maps.

The system is being launched be on trial basis, to be extended to other flights in the next few weeks, after obtaining feedback from the public.

Passengers are encouraged to provide their feedback on the new system.


Statement regarding resignation of Director Customer Services


Karachi; January 09, 2017

Reference media queries regarding the resignation of PIA’s former Director Customer Services, Ms. Tabassum Qadir, it is clarified that she had submitted her resignation through email on January 5, which was duly accepted by CEO, who is the competent authority in this regard. Ms. Qadir had been duly informed about the acceptance of her resignation and January 6 was her last day in PIA. She was asked to hand over charge of her office to the Chief Operating Officer, which she has not done as yet. Her mandatory one-month period has been waived off and her dues shall be paid once she hands over charge and gets her clearance done.

PIA crew saves life


Karachi; January 08, 2017

Onboard Pk-333 Multan-Karachi flight today a 70-year old passenger fell unconscious and stopped breathing. PIA cabin crew immediately responded to the situation, and with the help of a final year medical student, gave him CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) commonly known as artificial breathing and after 15 minutes of effort he responded. Immediately upon arrival at Karachi an ambulance and a doctor had been arranged and the passenger was handed over to them.



Karachi; 23rd December, 2016

Due to early morning fog at Karachi three flights were diverted to other airports. These included PK-214 (Dubai-Karachi; diverted to Muscat), PK-307 (Lahore-Karachi; diverted to Muscat) and PK-732 (Jeddah-Karachi; diverted to Lahore). Two flights had been diverted to Muscat as visibility at all airports near Karachi was poor. Now with improved visibility flight operation at Karachi has been restored.


Karachi; 22nd December, 2016

Reference media queries regarding cancellation of leave of CEO PIA, it is clarified that leave of Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand has been delayed by 2-3 days due to Board meeting and other urgent operational matters.  

8th meeting of PIACL Board held
Karachi; 22nd December,2016

The 8th meeting of the Board of Directors of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Ltd. (PIACL) was held here this morning.

The Board was given a detailed briefing on the unfortunate crash of ATR-42 and apprised of the steps taken by the airline for providing relief, support and assistance to the aggrieved family members. While expressing their deep grief and sorrow over the tragic incident, the Board members appreciated the proactive steps taken by PIA management in this regard after the crash.

The meeting was informed that Safety Investigation Board is conducting a thorough investigation of the incident and all assistance it needs from PIA is being provided forthwith.

The Board was informed that an initial compensation of Rs. 500,000 has been disbursed to the next of kin of most of the persons who lost their lives in the December 7 crash and the process would be completed after the finalization of legal formalities.

The Board took keen interest in the welfare of Haseena Gul, the 14-year old girl from Chitral who lost all six members of her immediate family in the air crash. The Board said that, if needed, PIA would like to take the responsibility of her education as well as living and medical expenses.

The Board expressed the satisfaction that PIA is doing detailed inspection of all its aircraft and directed the management that all steps should be taken to ensure highest safety standards.

Matters relating to airline’s operations and improving its profitability also came under discussion.


Irfan Elahi elected Chairman PIACL Board
Karachi; 22nd December, 2016

Mr. M. Irfan Elahi was elected as acting Chairman of the Board of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Ltd. (PIACL) in the 8th meeting of the Board held here today. He will be looking after affairs of PIACL Board in addition to his current assignment as Federal Secretary Aviation Division. This will be his second term as Chairman.

PIA to operate 6 ATR flights today


Karachi: 19th December,2016

PIA is operating six ATR flights today. These flights include PK-605 (Islamabad-Gilgit), PK-606 (Gilgit-Islamabad), PK-249 (Islamabad-Kabul), PK-250 (Kabul-Islamabad), PK-681 (Islamabad-Multan) and PK-682 (Multan-Islamabad).
PIA to operate 6 ATR flights today Yesterday PIA operated Gilgit and Chitral flights on C-130. These included PK-605 (Islamabad-Gilgit), PK-606 (Gilgit-Islamabad), PK-660 (Islamabad-Chitral) and PK-661 (Chitral-Islamabad). Later, after clearance of one ATR after shakedown test, in the evening, PK-681 (Islamabad-Multan) and PK-682 (Multan-Islamabad) were operated on ATR aircraft.

Graduation Ceremony


Karachi; 19th December,2016

Secretary Aviation Mr.Irfan Ilahi chief guest at the graduation ceremony of 376th and 377th batch of female Flight Service Basic Training course at PIA Training Center.






Karachi; 17th December, 2016

Reference media queries regarding PK-368, it is explained that as ATR aircraft are grounded PIA had planned a dip at Sukkur to facilitate the passengers. It was planned ahead of time and passengers were informed beforehand about this diversion on the contact numbers they had given at the time of reservation.

53 passengers travelled on this flight on Karachi-Sukkur sector while 23 travelled on Sukkur-Islamabad sector.

Since the grounding of ATR fleet, PIA has rerouted dozens of flights to adjust passengers. The process of diversions and flight adjustments will continue till the ATR aircraft remain grounded so that passengers traveling on those sectors can be facilitated. It is emphasized that the flight was not diverted because of any individual.



Karachi; 17th December, 2016

Responding to media queries regarding the letter written by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Spokesman PIA has said that CAA is a regulatory body which issues instructions to all operating airlines from time to time. PIA complies with these instructions accordingly.

Regarding the shakedown tests of ATR aircraft please note that PIA has contacted Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), i.e. Pratt & Whitney, for obtaining their advice, on the directions of CAA.

This letter has been written after the December 7 crash but PIA has already been doing inspection and maintenance of its aircraft as per manuals at proper times in accordance with international standards.



Karachi: 17th December,2016

The Dead bodies of all Pakistanis who were on board the ill-fated flight PK-661, have been handed over to their relatives. PIA spokesperson said here on Saturday.

In total 47 persons had lost their lives in the tragic incident of December 7, 2016 of which 44 dead bodies have now been handed over to their relatives.

He said that 11 dead bodies were brought to Chitral by special flight on Saturday morning. Senior PIA officials and members of aggrieved families accompanied the dead bodies to Chitral. While one family chose to travel by road and all expenses were borne by PIA.

The aggrieved families were provided transport facilities by PIA for transporting bodies to their villages. The burial of all 12 was expected to be held on the same day i.e. Saturday in Chitral and nearby areas.

PIA Spokesman further said that the dead bodies of 3 foreigners were the only ones now remaining and have been kept in PIMS mortuary, till formalities of handing over are completed.

Meanwhile, CEO PIA Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand has appreciated the efforts of all PIA employees who took part in providing relief to the bereaved families, especially the PIA Scouts and Emergency Response team who worked round the clock at the camps set up at PIMS hospital and at Rawat cold storage.




Karachi; 13th December, 2016

Relatives of victims of the tragic December 7 crash are requested to email any details of dental treatment, dental X-rays, colour of clothes or jewelry/ ornaments the deceased were wearing on their last flight, at to assist the team of doctors working on the identification of remaining dead bodies.

This process of forensic odontology is being carried out parallel with DNA testing and can help in early identification.


PIA’s ATR operation temporarily suspended


Karachi; 12th December, 2016

In view of Civil Aviation Authority’s decision of holding shakedown tests of PIA’s entire ATR fleet, it has been decided to keep all 10 ATR aircraft grounded till they are cleared after thorough examination.

Temporary suspension of ATR operation will particularly affect PIA’s flight operation to smaller airports like Gwadar, Turbat, Panjgur, Moenjodaro, Zhob, Bahawalpur, DG Khan, Chitral and Gilgit. Passengers are strongly advised to check status of their flights from PIA Call Center at 111-786-786. Inconvenience is regretted.



Karachi; 12th December, 2016

A Quran Khwani was held at Islamabad today and special prayers were offered for the deceased of the unfortunate tragic incident of December 7, 2016. Family members of the deceased, PIA scouts, airline officials and general public attended the special prayers at the PIA Camp set up at PIMS, Islamabad.

PIA had set up this Camp on 8th December for coordination with relatives of the deceased, shortly before dead bodies were brought to PIMS. This camp is being manned at all hours and families are being provided all possible facilitation.

Media reports clarified


Karachi; 11th December, 2016

Spokesman PIA has strongly rebutted media reports that propellor of one the engines of the ATR-42 aircraft that crashed on December 7, had started to spin in reverse, or had some known defect prior to take off, which led to this accident.

These reports are mere speculations which may mislead the public into drawing wrong conclusions. Fact of the matter is that both engines of the aircraft were fully operational at the time of takeoff from Chitral and some problem developed during flight.

The whole incident is being thoroughly investigated by Safety Investigation Board (SIB), which is an independent body working under the Aviation Division. All items recovered from the site, including cockpit instruments, are part of the evidence and may give valuable insights about the cause of the accident, but cannot provide conclusive evidence in isolation.

Public should rest assured that SIB is under instructions from the Prime Minister of Pakistan that a detailed, independent and transparent inquiry be carried out and truth should be brought out and shared with the people in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, media is requested to wait till the investigation process is completed and refrain from drawing any premature conclusions.

It is pertinent to mention here that ATR 42 and 72 (more than 1200 aircraft built) use engines manufactured by one of world’s most reliable engine manufacturers, Pratt & Whitney, which has provided more than 13,000 commercial engines to a range of aircraft manufacturers including Boeing and Airbus since 1925, in addition to providing more than 7300 engines for multiple military aircraft.

CEO PIA visits crash site


Karachi; 10th December, 2016

Chief Executive Officer PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand today visited Saddha Batolni village in the vicinity of Havelian, where ATR 42 aircraft (AP-BHO) had crashed two days ago.

Mr. Hildenbrand laid a wreath of flowers at the site and observed one-minute silence in remembrance of the martyrs.

He met local local people of the area and thanked them for promptly helping in rescue efforts.

He said PIA is taking all possible steps to facilitate the bereaved families and would ensure that remaining dead bodies are also handed over immediately after their identification process is completed. PIA has nominated focal persons for coordinating with those families keeping them updated in this regard.

Director Vigilance of PIA, Brig (r) Mohammad Asif also accompanied the CEO and examined the area.

Mr. Hildenbrand also visited the embassy of Austria, in addition to meeting the relatives of the Chinese citizen who lost his life in the incident and extended his heartfelt condolences.

CEO PIA visits residences of deceased officials


Karachi; 9th December, 2016

CEO PIA Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand visited the residences of PIA officials who lost their lives in the tragic crash of PK-661 and offered heartfelt condolences.

The residences included Airhostess, Ms. Asma Adil; Capt. Saleh Yar Janjua; First Officer, Aaly Akram; Aircraft Engineer Asim Waqas and First Officer Ahmed Janjua.

While saying that no amount of money can compensate for the loss of human life, he presented Rs. 500,000 cash to each of the bereaved family.

This amount is only to meet funeral expenses and will be followed by a comprehensive compensation package as per law.

He was accompanied by Chief Operating Officer Capt. Qasim Hayat, Director Safety Capt. Naveed Aziz and Director Vigilance Brig. (R) Mohammad Asif.



Karachi; 9th December, 2016

Reference media reports regarding ATR not being a safe aircraft, Spokesman PIA has clarified that ATR is perfectly safe for flying and is useful and economical on short haul flights in both hot and cold weather conditions. Several of these aircraft are being operated by airlines in India and Europe.

Media reports suggesting that there was some known defect in the aircraft before its last flight are also totally baseless. It defies common sense that pilots and engineers would fly an aircraft that does not meet safety standards, and risk their own lives.



Karachi; 8th December, 2016

On the directions of Chairman and CEO PIA an amount of Rs. 500,000 cash is being given to the next of kin of all the 47 persons who lost their lives in the tragic ATR crash, to meet funeral expenses.

District managers have been directed to personally visit the residences of the deceased and hand over the amount in cash.

This will be followed by a comprehensive compensation package as per law.

Chairman, CEO PIA extend condolences to bereaved families


Karachi; 7th December, 2016

Chairman PIA Mr. Azam Saigol and CEO Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand have expressed deep grief and sorrow over the tragic incident involving crash of PIA’s ATR-42 (AP-BHO) aircraft this afternoon and extended heartfelt condolences to the families of those who lost their lives.

On their directions, as per international aviation requirement, an Emergency Response Center has been established at PIA Headquarters Karachi from where senior PIA management has been monitoring the situation since the incident took place.

An inquiry has also been ordered into the incident.

Press Release


Karachi; 7th December, 2016

We regret to inform with profound grief and sorrow that all 42 passengers and 05 crew members onboard PIA flight PK-661 that was operated on Chitral-Islamabad sector this afternoon lost their lives due to the unfortunate air crash near Havelian at 1642 PST.

The passenger manifest has been placed on PIA website.

Press Release


Karachi; 7th December, 2016

We deeply regret to announce that a PIA aircraft ATR-42 (AP-BHO) crashed near Havelian at 1642 hrs PST today, 7th December 2016. No further details of the accident are available at the moment. 42 passengers, five crew members and one ground engineer were on board.

Rescue efforts are under way and we are also ascertaining the extent of damage to life of those on board the aircraft. PIA is doing everything possible to help the families of passengers and crew members for first hand information regarding the incident and damage.

The crash site is near a small village called Saddha Batolni near Havelian.

Important Statement


Karachi:7th December,2016

We regret to inform that PIA’s ATR-42 aircraft operating as PK-661, carrying around 42 persons lost its contact with control tower on its way from Chitral to Islamabad a short while ago. All resources are being mobilised to locate the aircraft. Updates will be provided here as situation develops.
PIA’s emergency response center has been activated and can be accessed at the following phone numbers for updates:
+92 21 99242352
+92 21 99242332
+92 21 99242284
+92 21 99242254
+92 21 99242275 and
+92 21 99242336

 Karachi: 6th December,2016
Reference media queries PIA Spokesman has clarified that pilots are given full salaries as per the decision of Board of Directors.



Karachi: 6th December,2016

Reference media reports please note that PIA’s online system which was fixed last night is working fine since then. Reports to the contrary are baseless.


Press Release


Karachi; 5th December, 2016

Reference media queries please note that 16 PIA cabin crew members belonging to Islamabad and Peshawar received injuries in today’s unfortunate incident of fire at a Karachi hotel. Most of them have been discharged from the hospital after necessary first aid, while others are still undergoing treatment.
More information would be shared as it is available.

PIA to launch new uniforms for cabin crew from 1st January,2017


Karachi: 3rd December,2016

Reference media reports regarding non-availability of uniform shoes, Spokesman PIA has explained that PIA is planning to launch new uniform for cabin crew from January 1st, 2017. The process of distribution of new uniform including the shoes gifted by former Chairman Mr. Ahmed Saeed, is underway and shall be completed during next three weeks. So far 235 crew members at Karachi have been issued new uniforms. This process takes time as scores of crew members are on flights at the same time.

PIA launches trial version of new website


Karachi: 3rd December,2016

PIA has finalized up-gradation of its website for giving a better online experience to users and to provide them ease of online reservations including multiple sectors.

Initially, for few weeks, the new website will be uploaded on trial basis. A link to the new website has been added on the existing homepage, and after getting customer feedback, and fixing any teething problems, the new website will be formally launched.

PIA has planned to offer preferred rates on bookings done through the website, which will allow passengers to make reservations up to 360 days in advance.

In the first quarter of 2017, PIA also plans to start online check-in facility and allowing buying extra baggage through website.

PIA has already made a smart phone application whose test version is currently available on both iOS and Android platforms and will be formally launched alongside the website after accommodating feedback and suggestions from users.

CEO Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand regarded this as a milestone in PIA’s effort towards improving its online sales and said that this new website is also a major step towards improving the brand image of PIA.

PIA starts flight operation to Salalah


Karachi: 1st December,2016

PIA has added Salalah, Oman to its flight operation today. The inaugural flight PK-235 was operated from Lahore at 12:30pm today.

Flights on Lahore-Salalah-Lahore sector would be operated twice a week every Thursday and Sunday.

PIA is already operating to Muscat and with this additional twice weekly flights to Salalah PIA management is striving to facilitate its potential passengers and to further boost the link between the two countries and within the region.

Expressing his views on the occasion CEO PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand said that PIA is expanding its fleet and flight operation on profitable routes is being increased especially to places where expatriate Pakistani community lives.

Senior PIA officials saw off the passengers traveling on this inaugural flight.


لاہور ۔ یکم دسمبر  

پی آئی اے کی لاہور سے صلالہ کےلئے پروازوں کا آغاز۔

پہلی پرواز PK235 آج دوپہر 85 مسافروں کو لے کر   روانہ ہو گئ۔

صلالہ کےلئے ہفتہ وار دو پروازیں شروع کی جا رہی ہیں۔

مسقط کے بعد صلالہ اومان کا دوسرا مقام ہے جہاں کےلئے  

پی آئی اے کی پروازوں کا آغاز کیا گیا ہے۔

مسافروں کی سہولت اور منافع بخش روٹس پر پروازوں کا آغاز کیا جا رہا ہے۔چیف ایگزیکٹو آفیسر برنڈ ہلڈن برانڈ  

ترجمان پی آئی اے

Press Release


Karachi: 30th November,2016

CEO PIA Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand presenting a copy of PIA’s inflight magazine Humsafar to Chairman PIA Mr. Azam Saigol at PIA head office, Karachi on November 30, 2016. Humsafar has been totally revamped for providing a better inflight experience to the passengers.


PIA offers 30% discount on late-night flights


Karachi; November 28, 2016

PIA has offered 30% special discount on Late night flights (between 00:00 to 06:00 hrs) on selected domestic routes between Karachi-Lahore, Karachi-Islamabad, Karachi-Multan and Karachi-Faisalabad, effective from Monday November 28, 2016.

PIA will continue to patronize special children: Hildenbrand


Karachi; November 28,2016

PIA will continue to patronize Al-Shifa Trust, (PIA¡¯s relief and rehabilitation center for special children) and is keen to facilitate it in further developing and enhancing its facilities for the benefit of the special children and the community at large. This was stated by Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand, Chief Executive Officer PIA, during his visit to Al-Shifa Trust here today.

During his visit, in addition to interacting with instructors and inquiring about ways and possibilities of further enhancing Trust¡¯s facilities, Mr. Hildenbrand also spent some time with students, who were suffering from Down¡¯s syndrome and cerebral palsy. He also visited the manufacturing center where a vast range of orthosis and prosthetics are manufactured as per customer needs on modern lines using comfortable and durable material on highly subsidized rates.

Al-Shifa Trust is being headed by a PIA Director, Ms. Ghazala Rashid, who gave a presentation to CEO and the accompanying Directors of Corporate Planning and Human Resource/Works regarding existing services and up-gradation project of Al-Shifa.

She apprised the CEO of the working of the Trust and informed him that since 2008, when she took over the charge as President /Administrator of Al-Shifa, she worked on system development,  infrastructure, improvement of services and image building which resulted in increased number of patients and children. Her efforts were appreciated by the CEO and his team.

Mr. Hildenbrand appreciated the fact that since its inception in 1967 the institute has been providing invaluable service not only to the families of PIA, Civil Aviation Authority and Airport Security Force, but also to the general public.

As part of the airline¡¯s corporate social responsibility, PIA supports and sponsors  Al-Shifa Trust , which provides relief and rehabilitation services to special children.




PIA Cabin crew passing out ceremony held


Karachi, November 25th,2016

CEO PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand was chief guest at the passing out ceremony of the 375th batch of female Flight Service Basic Training course at PIA Training Center (PTC) here this morning.

15 freshly recruited airhostesses underwent this 12-week training program on various aspects of safety, first aid, grooming and customer care for ATR and A-320 aircraft. Later, some of them would be upgraded to A-330, after undergoing few short training sessions.

CEO was given an overview of the training courses currently underway at PTC. He was informed that currently 54 trainees are undergoing initial cabin crew training at the PTC. In addition, training courses for other PIA employees, including pilots and engineers, are also underway.

Expressing his views on the occasion, Mr. Hildenbrand regarded these airhostesses as the future of PIA and said the cabin crew of an airline is not only an ambassador of the airline but also of the entire country. He advised them to ensure highest standards of service in their profession. He also distributed certificates among the graduating airhostesses.

Senior PIA management, families of graduating airhostesses and faculty members of PTC were present on the occasion.

CEO PIA Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand talking to a group of air hostesses of 375th batch of female Flight Service Basic Training course at PIA Training Center in Karachi.
A group photo of CEO PIA Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand and senior PIA management with a group of air hostesses of 375th batch of female Flight Service Basic Training course at PIA Training Center in Karachi.
CEO PIA Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand giving away certificate to the airhostess who secured first position in the 375th batch of female Flight Service Basic Training course at PIA Training Center in Karachi.

Clarification regarding Karachi airport incident

Karachi November 19,2016

Reference media reports regarding an incident involving two PIA aircraft at Karachi airport, Spokesman PIA has clarified that an ATR and an A-320 aircraft touched each other while being towed at the washing bay of Karachi airport this evening. Due to this a winglet of A-320 was slightly bruised and was immediately fixed.  

The situation is completely under control, there is no damage to either of the aircraft and there would be no repercussion on PIA’s flight schedule. An inquiry has been ordered to find out how the two aircraft could come so close to each other.  

Press Release

Karachi November 19,2016

This is to inform the media that PIA’s today’s Toronto-Lahore flight PK-798 has been diverted to Manchester as its toilets got choked, due to something solid thrown by passengers. As all toilets are connected with a common drain line, rest of the toilets were also choked.  

Keeping in view the convenience of passengers, the flight, has been diverted to Manchester where toilets would be serviced before the flight continues its onward journey. Inconvenience caused to passengers is regretted.

Chairman PIA has said the passengers need to strictly adhere to and carefully read the warning signs in the toilets.  

The aircraft landed at Manchester airport 15:15 PST and after flushing of drain pipes, and refueling the plane took off for Lahore.  

Mr. Arif Habib resigns from PIACL BoD


Karachi November 7,2016

Mr. Arif Habib has resigned from the PIACL Board of Directors due to the regulation of Public Sector Companies Rules, which restrict to serve on the Board of more than five listed companies at the same time.

PIA appoints new GM for Food Services


Karachi; November 3,2016

PIA management has appointed Mr. Azim Abbas as head of Food Services Division after promoting him as General Manager (GM). CEO Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand is laying special emphasis on revitalizing the Food Services Division in the airline.

He directed the new GM to ensure that menus on PIA flights are changed regularly, keeping view the public feedback and highest standards of taste and hygiene be ensured.

Mr. Hildenbrand asked him to encourage innovation and improvisation in menus for both business and economy classes on domestic as well as international flights. He also asked the Food Services Division to strengthen its mechanism for registering feedback from the passengers so that decision making can be done accordingly.

PIA starts row wise-boarding at 3 stations


Karachi; November 3,2016

On the direction of CEO, Mr Bernd Hildenbarnd PIA has started row wise-boarding on all flights(except ATR flights) at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Passengers are requested to cooperate with the management in this effort to organize the boarding process.

ATR flights have been excluded as the aircraft is small and all the passengers can easily board  the plane together.

Press Release


Karachi; October 28, 2016


Due to fog and very low visibility in Kuwait this morning a PIA aircraft remained stuck there for several hours. As a repercussion PK-898 (Lahore to Kuala Lumpur) has been delayed by nine hours and would take off at 6pm. PIA call center is informing the passengers through phone calls and SMS on the numbers provided at the time of reservation. Any inconvenience in this regard is regretted.

Say no to corruption Say no to corruption


Karachi; October 28, 2016


PIA Training Center arranged a lecture titled “Say no to corruption” here this morning. The lecture was delivered by Ms. Aliya Rasheed, DG Awareness and Prevention of Corruption, National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Trainees of PIA’s engineering and flight services departments were among the audience, along with senior officials of the airline.

During her lecture, Ms. Aliya said that we all should promise to ourselves that we will neither bribe anyone nor accept bribe from anyone. Pakistan, she said, is like a mother to all of us, who is suffering from the disease of corruption and it is incumbent upon all of us to treat our mother with dedication.

She also said that misuse of authority, nepotism, cheating, embezzlement and extortion are all forms of corruption and we should try our level best to stay away from them.

Later, Ms. Aliya Rasheed also called on the PIA Board of Directors and gave a presentation on the measures NAB is taking in creating awareness regarding corruption.


5th meeting of PIACL Board held


Karachi; October 28, 2016

The 5th Meeting of Board of Directors of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Ltd. was held here this morning. The meeting was chaired by Chairman PIA, Mr. Azam Saigol.

Matters relating to airline’s operations and improving its profitability came under discussion.

Saudi authorities appreciate PIA’s performance during Hajj


Karachi; October 21, 2016

Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) and the management of King Abdulaziz International Airport Jeddah have appreciated PIA’s performance during Hajj 1437 Hijri.

Terming PIA’s performance as “outstanding and excellent” the Saudi authorities have granted a certificate of appreciation to PIA.

CEO PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand regarded this a recognition of the hard work of all the concerned departments of the airline who worked as a team due to which punctuality of PIA’s special Hajj flights remained 92.2% in pre-Hajj and 98% in the post-Hajj phase.

He said after serving more than 51,000 hujjaj, the airline is now gearing up for the upcoming Umrah season starting from the first week of November.

Statement regarding Paris incident


Karachi; October 20, 2016

Reference media queries regarding alleged misbehavior of PIA staff in a Paris hotel, Chairman and CEO PIA have taken strict notice of the matter and ordered inquiry into the incident. Severe action would be taken against those found guilty.


Press Release


Karachi; October 17, 2016

PIA successfully completed its Hajj operation early this morning, when last Hajj flight PK-3528 which was operated from Jeddah arrived at Quetta carrying 200 hujjaj.

Operation from Madinah had already come to an end a day earlier when PK-3526 was operated from Jeddah to Multan carrying 305 passengers.

During the post-hajj operation which was started on 17th September and came to an end today, PIA operated 123 special hajj flights and 125 scheduled flights to bring back more than 51,000 hujjaj. Punctuality of special hajj flights in this phase remained 98%.

Earlier, PIA’s pre-hajj operation was carried out between 4th August and 5th September. During the pre-hajj operation PIA had transported more than 51000 intending hujjaj on 115 special Hajj flights and around 150 scheduled flights. 92.2 per cent of special hajj flights were operated on or ahead of scheduled time.

Both pre and post Hajj operation were carried out from 10 cities of Pakistan which include Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Sukkur, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan and Rahimyarkhan.

PIA’s CEO Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand appreciated the efforts of the entire team which led and executed the Hajj operation especially Chief Hajj Coordinator Captain Anwar Adil, who personally supervised the entire Hajj operation. In his message to the employees on the successful completion of Hajj operation, CEO said: “Hajj and Umra travels are very important for PIA and we are working hard to improve our service on these routes. In future we will try to provide tailor-made service to Hajj and Umra passengers. We are looking forward to the Umra season which is starting from the first week of November,” he said.

Press Release


Karachi; October 10, 2016

Mr. Helmut Bachhofner has been appointed as Engineering Consultant in PIA. He has vast experience in this field, having worked in Austrian airlines most of his career where he was responsible for quality improvement as well as commercial and maintenance. He also worked with Qatar Airways/ Amiri Flight for few years in management positions.

During his last assignment, he was CEO of his own Aviation Engineering Consultancy firm which provided technical support to Austrian Airlines, Pratt & Whittney USA, JetAlliance Vienna and Air Plus Comet Spain along with a host of other international clients.

Mr. Bachhofner, who has vast experience in Quality Assurance and Line & Base Maintenance departments, started his career as a technician and he is an EASA Part 66 (JAR 66) license holder.

He will be responsible for improving the efficiency and quality of PIA’s Engineering department.


PIA wins intl squash tournament


Karachi; October 7, 2016

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) squash player, Ahsan Ayaz has won the final of Malaysian Tour No. 4 held in Penang, Malaysia today.

Chairman PIA, Mr. Azam Saigol has congratulated Ahsan Ayaz on his outstanding performance in winning the final. Ahsan Ayaz has not only brought laurels to the airline but also to the entire country.


Update on Hajj Operation


Karachi; October 2, 2016

During its post hajj operation started on September 17, 2016 PIA has so far transported more than 26,000 hujjaj on 57 special hajj flights and 52 scheduled flights.

Initially the special hajj flights were operated from Jeddah while last night this operation was started from Madina as well, when PK-3244 was operated for Quetta, carrying 207 passengers.

PIA would operate 126 special hajj flights from Jeddah and Madina to various cities of Pakistan this year, in addition to its scheduled flights. PIA’s post-hajj operation would continue till October 16, 2016.



Karachi; October 1, 2016

Reference media queries PIA Spokesperson has clarified that there’s no truth in the media reports alleging that PIA’s Director HR Mr. Rasheed Ahmed has been removed from PIA due to some problem with his credentials or due to his resistance towards right sizing in the airline. The fact is that he has been replaced by another officer, which is a routine practice in any organization. He is now being considered for another assignment.




Karachi; September 17, 2016

PIA’s Post Hajj operation of bringing back hujjaj from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan commenced on Saturday with more than 1,200 hujjaj arriving at Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi airports.

The first Post Hajj flight PK 736 reached Peshawar on Saturday evening, followed by flights to Lahore PK 3002, Islamabad PK 764 and Karachi PK 3202. At Karachi hujjaj were received by Director Engineering Mr. Maqsood Ahmad, at Islamabad by Director Marketing Mr. Khurram Mushtaq along with Director P&L Air Cdre Imran Akhtar and Director Amir Ali. At Lahore hujjaj were welcomed by Director HR Mr. Rasheed Ahmad while GM Marketing Mr. Qamar Shamim received the hujjaj at Peshawar.

Meanwhile, Chairman PIA, Mr. Azam Saigol and CEO PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand have instructed PIA hajj team members and airline officials to provide best services to returning Hujjaj. PIA will transport more than 52,000 hajjis through its 126 special Hajj flights and 125 regular scheduled flights from Jeddah and Madinah to Pakistan. The Post Hajj operation will conclude on 16 October 2016.


PIA’s post-Hajj operation to start from 17th


Karachi; September 15, 2016

PIA’s post-Hajj operation would start from September 17 and last till October 16, 2016.

During this period 126 special hajj flights would be operated from Jeddah and Madinah Munawwara to 10 cities of Pakistan, which include Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Sukkur, Multan and Rahimyarkhan.

In addition to these special flights, PIA would also transport hujjaj through its 125 scheduled flights operating during this period.

In total around 52,000 hujjaj are expected to travel back to their homeland in PIA’s post-Hajj operation.

Chairman PIA, Mr. Azam Saigol has directed all departments of the airline to work in seamless coordination to successfully conclude the second phase of Hajj 2016. He appreciated that due to the efforts of all concerned more than 92% flights during pre-Hajj operation were either operated on time or ahead of time and said the passengers expected similar standards from their national airline in the post-hajj operation as well.

PIA advises passengers not to carry Samsung Note 7 during travel


Karachi; September 11, 2016

In view of recent reports about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, and the international warnings to airline passengers not to carry this smartphone during flights, PIA passengers are also strongly advised not to carry it, not even in their check-in luggage, as it may compromise aircraft and passenger safety.


Spokesperson’s Statement regarding PK-895


Karachi; September 11, 2016

Reference media queries Spokesperson PIA has explained that PIA’s Kualalampur-Peshawar flight PK-895 was landed at Lahore airport due to bad weather at Peshawar earlier today. When weather at Peshawar cleared the A310 aircraft got technical and had to be replaced. This change was done but as per civil aviation rules post-sunset landing is not allowed at Peshawar airport, therefore takeoff from Lahore airport was not possible.

Whereas the frustration of passengers is understandable it is highly regrettable that some of the angry passengers manhandled the Captain and tried to damage the aircraft.

Passengers were given the choice of either staying at some Lahore hotel at PIA’s expense and go directly to Peshawartomorrow morning, or to go to Islamabad tonight, from where they are transported by surface transportation to Peshawar. As majority of passengers opted for going to Islamabad tonight, a flight has been arranged and which will take off shortly.

PIA is also considering action against the rowdy passengers.


NMC delegation visits PIA Training Center


Karachi; September 09, 2016

A group of 15 participants attending the 105th National Management Course at the National Management College (NMC) visited PIA Training Centre here this afternoon.

The group, headed by Mr. Inam Ghani, Directing Staff NMC, was welcomed by Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand, Chief Executive Officer PIA and Mr. Khurram Mushtaq, Director Marketing along with other senior officials of the airline.

The participants belonged to various occupational groups and were attending this course which is mandatory for BS-21 promotion of civil service officers.

A detailed presentation on PIA operations was given to the visiting group by Mr. Ali Tahir, General Manager Marketing Planning. During this session the group was apprised of PIA’s operations, in particular the recently commenced PIA Premier and was also briefed about the airline’s marketing and sales, fleet planning, future plans as well as expansion of routes.

The group later visited PIA Training Centre’s facilities including aircraft mock-up and flight simulator sections.


Photo captions:

1- A group photograph of the participants of 105th National Management Course   during their visit to PIA Training Centre Karachi on September 9, 2016.

2- CEO PIA Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand presenting a shield to Directing Staff NMC during 105th National Management Course participants’ visit to PIA Training Centre on September 9, 2016.






Karachi; September 9, 2016

All four ATR 42 aircraft of PIA which had been grounded yesterday for ensuring compliance with the latest Engine Overhaul protocols, have now been cleared by Civil Aviation Authority after PIA obtained clearance from their manufacturer, Pratt and Whitney. These aircraft have now been made part of PIA’s active fleet.

PIA’s pre-hajj operation ends tomorrow


Karachi; September 4, 2016

PIA’s pre-Hajj operation would come to an end tomorrow when last of the special hajj flights PK-2337 leaves Islamabad for Jeddah at 1430 hrs.

During its month-long pre-Hajj operation, started on August 4, PIA transported more than 51,000 intending hujjaj from ten cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Sukkur, Multan, Rahimyarkhan, on 268 flights including special hajj flights.

PIA’s post-Hajj operation would start on September 17, lasting till October 16, 2016.

PIA to transport Pakistanis stranded in Bahrain tomorrow


Karachi; September 4, 2016

Chairman PIA, Mr. Azam Saigol has directed that an A-310 aircraft returning from Jeddah tomorrow after operating a hajj flight, may stopover at Bahrain and transport the stranded Pakistani passengers to Karachi and Lahore.

4th meeting of PIACL Board held


Karachi; September 3, 2016

4th Meeting of Board of Directors of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Ltd. was held here this morning. The meeting was chaired by Chairman PIA, Mr. Azam Saigol.

Matters relating to airline’s operations and improving its profitability came under discussion.

Statement by Spokesperson


Karachi; September 2, 2016

In response to a picture shared on social media by Spokesperson PIA regarding airline’s two female pilots becoming the first pair of real sisters to concurrently fly the Boeing 777 aircraft in PIA, few media reports have erroneously reported that they are flying the same aircraft together. This led many to believe as if one of the sisters had been made Captain of Boeing 777, which is not correct.

In fact both the sisters, who made history, are First Officers and fly the big jet alongside a Captain which is usually a pilot having around 20 years of experience in flying.

This has already been explained that both sisters are flying Boeing 777 aircraft concurrently on different flights.


Karachi; September 1, 2016

Reference media reports regarding alleged discrepancies in PIA’s medical section in Lahore, airline’s Spokesperson has said that the allegations are baseless as a detailed audit was done in June 2016 in which no discrepancies were found.

The Spokesperson also said that no doctor is authorized to issue medicines to themselves. He said that patients once given medicine forms are free to get medicines from any store on PIA panel, and no employee is forced to get medicine from a particular medical store on PIA panel.


Karachi; September 1, 2016

PIA has promoted it’s Regional Manager in Dubai, Syed Ishaq Hussain as Regional General Manager and made him in-charge of PIA operations in the UAE, Middle East, Turkey, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Africa.

The decision has been taken in order to streamline PIA’s working in these areas and to improve and expand PIA operations on potential routes.

Mr. Ishaq carries a rich experience of serving in various departments of PIA during last 30 years, including working as District Manager Karachi, in addition to his assignments in Japan, China and the UAE.

PIA carries out first ever Check-C on A320


Karachi; August 28, 2016

PIA has successfully completed the first ever Check-C of Airbus A320 at airline’s engineering base here this morning.

During this maintenance exercise, carpet and seat covers of aircraft AP-BLC have been changed along with deep cleaning of the entire cabin and washrooms.

By accomplishing this maintenance check, carried out by PIA’s Engineering & Maintenance department, PIA has saved substantial amount of foreign exchange by utilizing the capacity of its own facility and the expertise of its engineers and technicians.

CEO Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand appreciated the commendable work, which was done utilizing indigenous resources. This also is the basis to offer these engineering service to other airlines, not only within Pakistan but also from other countries, he said.

It is worth mentioning that PIA Engineering & Maintenance department has the capacity and capability to do all heavy maintenance checks which are regularly performed not only on airline’s own aircraft but the facility is also provided to some international customers.


PIA Training Centre to start 12-week Cabin Crew training


Karachi; August 26, 2016

PIA Training Centre (PTC) is starting a 12-week Cabin Crew Basic Training program for the newly recruited cabin crew.

Around 100 newly inducted participants will be trained on A330-300 aircraft, keeping in view the planned expansion of Premier service.

The training program will include a combination of theory as well as practical hands on training.

Following modules would be covered in the training:

  • * Aviation Indoctrination
  • * Duties and responsibilities as a Cabin Crew
  • * Grooming and Personality Development
  • * Announcement Training.
  • * In Flight Service Procedures including mockup training
  • * Customer care and Customer service procedures
  • * Safety Equipment Procedures (SEP)
  • * Emergency Procedures
  • * Aviation First Aid
  • * Aviation Security
  • * Crew Resource Management
  • * Dangerous Goods Regulations

PIA Training Centre have one of the most advanced Airline training infrastructures approved by local and international regulatory authorities such as CAA, ICAO and IATA.

CEO PIA Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand regarded this as an important step towards bringing about improvement in PIA’s service and giving young dedicated people the chance to realize their professional dreams.

Specialized instructors have been assigned at PTC for imparting professional training to those who fly, and to those who do service and maintenance of various types of aircraft (B-747-200, A-310, A-300, B-737, B-777). Training facilities available also include flight simulators which are used in the transition and recurrent training of pilots and other operational crew.

During the past, for many years the PTC has played a key role in providing training to a large number of pilots, engineers, flight stewards/stewardesses, traffic and sales personnel from over 30 airlines and associated agencies worldwide, mostly from Asian and African countries.


PIA terminates senior purser


Karachi; August 24, 2016

PIA terminates the services of Ms. Nuzhat Bukhari, Senior Purser, who was found involved in attempted gold smuggling through PIA’s New York bound flight PK-721 at Lahore airport yesterday

PIA reschedules few Islamabad flights due to runway closure


Karachi; August 24, 2016

PIA has rescheduled few of its flights to and from Islamabad in view of runway closure from 1300 hrs to 1800 hrs tomorrow, August 25, 2016.

In particular, PK-701 for Manchester would now take off at 1230 hrs as against the scheduled time of 1445 hrs. Similarly PK-211 for Dubai would now depart at 1245 hrs whereas its previously scheduled departure time was 1315 hrs.

PIA call center is informing the passengers on their phone numbers provided at the time of booking.

PIA to create a new Division for Customer & Premier Service


Karachi; August 20, 2016

PIA has created a separate Division for Customer and Premier Service, to work under the newly appointed Director, Mrs. Tabassum Qadir. The new Division would be launched in mid September, after necessary groundwork has been done.

The new Division would focus on improving PIA’s relations with customers and facilitate them in addressing their complaints. PIA Training Centre is adding new modules to their courses for providing better training to customer relations staff with the help of specialized instructors.

Apart from looking after all matters related to PIA Premier, the Division has also been tasked to focus on airline’s product development, keeping in view international aviation standards, aiming at improving the brand image of PIA.

Press Release


Karachi; August 18, 2016

16 passengers travelling today on PIA Premier flight PK-757 from Lahore to London were not able to board as they showed up very late.

These passengers reported around 30 minutes before the flight time when check-in counters had already been closed.

Passengers are encouraged to report three hours before the scheduled departure time for international flights, and if they do not report one hour before the flight time, boarding cards are issued to chance passengers. This is an international norm which all airlines follow.

These passengers have been accommodated free of cost in the next available flights.

Press Release


Karachi; August 17, 2016

After the recent incidents of attempted drug smuggling in PIA aircraft, the Security and Vigilance department of the airline carried out an in-house exercise to scrutinize the conduct of its staff members. In view of the findings several employees have been shuffled from their places of posting while few have been handed over to agencies for formal investigation.

Statement regarding PK-894


Karachi; August 16, 2016

Due restrictions of take-off weight from Peshawar, PK894 this evening was re-routed to operate via Lahore for Kualalampur.

The re-routing was done well in advance and all concerned had been duly informed.

There was no resistance from any quarter, whether local or international for landing at Lahore. After refueling the flight has already departed for Kualalampur.

Such re-routings are an accepted feature in commercial aviation.



Karachi; August 15, 2016

PIA’s CEO Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand has directed the airline’s management to offer PIA’s services to the government, in case Pakistanis stranded in Dammam, Saudi Arabia are required to be brought back to Pakistan.



Karachi; August 12, 2016

PIA has arranged complimentary limousine service for PIA Premier Business Class customers upon their arrival at Heathrow airport. The service would be available within a radius of 25 km from Heathrow airport and would be available from the first PIA Premier flight on 14th August.

Chairman PIA aggrieved over Little Master’s death


Karachi; August 11, 2016

Chairman PIA, Mr. Azam Saigol has expressed profound grief and sorrow over the sad demise of former test cricketer, Mr. Hanif Mohammad today.

In his message to the aggrieved family the Chairman lauded the services rendered by the Little Master during his service tenure in PIA that started in 1961 and lasted till his retirement in 1994. During this period he not only represented the national cricket team but also remained captain of PIA’s cricket team in addition to serving as General Manager Sports.

Mr. Saigol prayed that Allah almighty may bless the departed soul with eternal bliss and grant courage to the bereaved family to bear this loss with equanimity.

His son, also a former cricketer, Mr. Shoaib Mohammad is a PIA employee as well and is currently working as Deputy General Manager Sports.

Mr. Hanif Mohammad’s Namaz-e-Janaza will be held tomorrow (Aug 12, 2016) after Juma prayers at Nomania Masjid, Karachi near his residence.

Adjustment in flight schedule


Karachi; August 10, 2016

PIA is starting its premier service by the name of PIA Premier from August 14, 2016, with flights operating from Lahore and Islamabad for London.

Due to operational reasons and scheduled adjustments in the first few weeks, following three weekly PIA Premier flights have been rescheduled:
The PIA flights operating on Mondays and Wednesdays as PK 786 (London-Islamabad) have been replaced by PIA Premier flights, PK 758 (London-Lahore) while PIA flight operating on Tuesdays as PK 758 (London-Lahore) has been replaced by PIA Premier flight PK 786 (London-Islamabad).

PIA is arranging swift connecting flights for affected passengers, between Islamabad and Lahore, without additional cost, allowing them to conveniently reach their final destination. Passengers’ immigration and luggage collection will also be done at the originally scheduled destination.

PIA apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause to its valued customers and management has given directions to ensure that passengers get smooth and hassle-free connecting flights. In case of any query or clarification passengers are advised to contact PIA Call Center at 021-111-786-786.

The inaugural flight of PIA Premier PK-785 will depart from Islamabad airport at 1400 hrs on August 14, 2016.



Karachi; August 10, 2016

Reference media reports regarding the incident that happened to an A320 aircraft at Islamabad airport a couple of days ago it is clarified that all PIA flights undergo a thorough security check.

As per standard procedures the said flight PK-451 also went through a security check and departed only after being cleared by security.

Similarly on the technical side, the aircraft was cleared by the engineer on duty before proceeding.

The incident is being investigated internally by Safety department and externally by SIB(Safety Investigation Board) of CAA.

Press Release

Karachi; August 9, 2016

PIA terminates the services of a catering official posted at Lahore. During interrogation the official had confessed of being involved in the recent incident of attempted heroin smuggling through a PIA fight from Lahore airport.

Important statement


Karachi; August 8, 2016

Reference media queries it is confirmed that a PIA aircraft, which was operating as PK-451, developed hydraulics problem due to which the aircraft had to land back at Islamabad airport.

After safe normal landing the aircraft could not be stopped on the runway and veered off.

All crew members and passengers are safe. Passengers have disembarked safely through the normal step. An inquiry into the incident is under way.

PIA’s pre-Hajj operation started from five cities


Karachi; August 6, 2016

PIA’s pre-Hajj operation started from Lahore and Karachi this morning when PK 759 departed from Lahore for Jeddah, carrying 265 Hujjaj, while PK 715 left Karachi for Madinah Munawwara, carrying 329 intending pilgrims.

Mr. Yousuf Waqar, a PIA Board member saw off the intending pilgrims at the Lahore airport, while senior PIA management saw them off at other airports.

PIA’s Hajj operation has already started from Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta since yesterday morning. In total six flights have been operated by the national carrier as yet, transporting more than 1500 intending pilgrims.

During the Pre-Hajj operation PIA will operate more than 265 special as well scheduled flights to Saudi Arabia from 10 cities of Pakistan carrying more than 51,000 Hujjaj.

Chairman PIA reviews Hajj operation arrangements


Karachi; August 3, 2016

Chairman PIA, Mr. Azam Saigol chaired a high level meeting to review arrangements regarding Hajj operation for this year. All concerned PIA departments were represented in the meeting.

The meeting was informed that during 2016 Hajj operation PIA would operate flights from 10 cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Sukkur, Multan, Rahimyarkhan.

In the pre-hajj operation, from August 4-September 5, PIA would operate more than 265 flights including scheduled flights to Jeddah and Madina Munawwara transporting approximately 51,000 Hujjaj.

PIA’s first hajj flight PK-2503 would depart at 4:25 am from Islamabad on 4th August carrying 328 Hujjaj.

Chairman PIA directed that all departments must gear up efforts to ensure that Hajj operation is carried out in a smooth manner.

PIA signs contract for lease of three A-330s


Karachi; July 29, 2016

PIA has formalized wet leasing of three A-330 aircraft from Sri Lankan Airlines. At a ceremony held in Colombo today, CEO, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand signed the contract with Chairman, Sri Lankan Airlines, Mr. Ajith Dias and CEO Capt. Suren Ratwatte.

The contract has materialized after a series of negotiations between the two sides. First of these aircraft would he delivered during the next week, while the rest in following months.

These aircraft are in brand new condition and would be used for PIA Premier giving passengers a better experience, allowing PIA to start regaining its market share.

PIA Premier is scheduled to be launched on 14th August, initially only to London. There would be six weekly Premier service flights to London, including three from Islamabad and three from Lahore. Later, with addition of more aircraft, the service would be expanded to other destinations.

Chairman, Mr. Azam Saigol appreciated the efforts of the PIA team led by Mr. Hildenbrand in finalizing this contract.

Press Release


Karachi; July 21, 2016

PIA is in negotiations with Sri Lankan Airlines for the wet lease of four A-330 aircraft.

Pakistan’s national carrier had advertised for leasing wide body aircraft last month and Sri Lanka’s national carrier expressed interest in leasing out its four new wide body A-330 aircraft to PIA. A high-level team of PIA led by CEO, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand recently visited Colombo to inspect these aircraft and to negotiate a contract.

These planes would primarily be used for PIA’s premier service which is being launched from 14th August 2016. With new aircraft, more professional crew and improved service standards, the new service aims at providing an altogether different experience to passengers. This service will go a long way in helping PIA regain its market share both domestically as well as internationally.

Airlines affected by major breakdown at Heathrow


Karachi; July 21, 2016

Due to a major breakdown of baggage handling system at Terminal 3 of Heathrow airport London, thousands of pieces of check-in baggage has been left behind, affecting all flights landing or taking off from there, including those of Emirates, Gulf Air, Cathay Pacific, Virgin and dozens of other airlines.

This breakdown also affected PIA and about 700 pieces of baggage of passengers traveling on PK-788 and PK-786 could not be loaded on the aircraft.

PIA regrets this inconvenience caused to passengers and is making all out efforts to ensure that all of the above bags are rushed on next direct available flights from Heathrow airport.

PIA to operate special flight to Istanbul to evacuate stranded Pakistanis


Karachi; July 16, 2016

On the directions of the Prime Minister, Chairman PIA, Mr. Azam Saigol has said that PIA will operate a ferry flight to Istanbul at the earliest to evacuate the Pakistanis stranded in the city.

In this regard the airline has approached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for obtaining necessary approvals and permissions, he said.

In a statement issued here this evening, the Chairman said that a Boeing-777 aircraft would be sent to Istanbul as soon as these formalities are completed.

It may be noted that PIA doesn’t fly to Turkey and has a code sharing arrangement with Turkish Airlines under which passengers can travel on PIA’s ticket on Turkish Airlines flights.

PIA’s announces pre and post hajj operation details


Karachi; July 14, 2016

This year PIA’s pre hajj operation would start from August 4 and last till September 5, while post Hajj operation would start from September 17 and last till October 16. Around 50,000 Hujjaj would be transported on PIA flights this year.

PIA Board reviews airline’s performance


Islamabad; July 13, 2016

3rd Meeting of Board of Directors of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Ltd. was held here this morning. The meeting was chaired by Chairman PIA, Mr. Azam Saigol.

Matters relating to improving the operations and profitability of the airline came under discussion.

PIA transports 250,000+ Umra passengers


Karachi; July 13, 2016

In Umra Season this year PIA transported a total of 254,803 passengers on its flights which included 375 extra flights in addition to the regular flight operation. During umrah season 2015, a total of 150,740 passengers had been transported on PIA flights, which included 195 extra sections. Spokesperson PIA

Statement on complaint regarding food


Karachi; July 11, 2016

PIA management has taken serious note of the complaint of a passenger regarding food served to him during Kualalampur-Lahore flight today and is taking up the matter with the Malaysian vendor who had provided the meals. PIA regrets this and apologizes to the passenger who was inconvenienced due to this issue.

Condolence message from Chairman PIA, Mr. Azam Saigol


Karachi; July 9, 2016

“I am deeply saddened at the sad demise of Mr. Abdus Sattar Edhi. He was among those very few personalities who did so much for the people of Pakistan. His untiring effort and lifelong struggle to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people will always be remembered. He always remained humble, led a simple life and with his lifetime devotion to humanity is truly one of the greatest national heroes. He will be greatly missed by all. May Allah shower his infinite blessings on his soul and enable us to follow the noble path this selfless humanist showed to us.”

A uniformed contingent of 25 PIA Boy Scouts attended the funeral of Mr. Abdus Sattar Edhi on behalf of Chairman and employees of PIA.

Statement 1


Karachi; July 8, 2016

There won’t be any significant delay in other flights due to PM’s special flight, as alternate arrangements have been made by PIA: Spokesperson PIA

Statement on PM’s return flight


Karachi; July 8, 2016

With reference to media reports regarding a PIA aircraft being deputed for Prime Minister’s return flight to Pakistan, PIA Spokesperson has clarified that due to Prime Minister’s health issues, PM Office had partly been shifted to London, where a Camp Office had been set up.

Now that the Prime Minister has recovered after his surgery and is allowed to travel, the whole Camp Office has to be shifted back to Pakistan. On PIA’s regular flights so many seats were not available due to which the only option was to depute a dedicated aircraft, he added.

PIA introduces new menu from today


Karachi; July 1, 2016

PIA, starting today, has introduced new menus for flights on all its domestic and international routes for both Business and Economy classes.

Chefs of PIA Food Services department have added some new dishes of chicken, mutton and fish to the menu in addition to additional variety of snacks and desserts.

The national flag carrier revises its menu after every quarter. New menus are prepared by the airline’s Menu Preparation and Implementation Committee on the basis of customer feedback, with emphasis on fresh food, with new taste and improved presentation.

Statement on delay in disbursement of salary to Flight Kitchen staff in Karachi


Karachi; July 4, 2016

Reference media queries regarding delay in payment of salaries to PIA flight kitchen staff in Karachi, please note that salaries of all PIA employees are linked with a biometric attendance system. Since January the staff working in flight kitchen Karachi has been refusing to mark their attendance through this computerized system for obvious reasons, due to which the computer system marked them absent.

However, keeping in view the event of Eid, their salaries have been disbursed based on manual attendance, but these employees have been warned that from next month their salary would definitely be linked with biometric system like the rest of PIA employees and no relaxation would be given.

PIA introduces new menu from today


Karachi; July 1, 2016

PIA, starting today, has introduced new menus for flights on all its domestic and international routes for both Business and Economy classes.

Chefs of PIA Food Services department have added some new dishes of chicken, mutton and fish to the menu in addition to additional variety of snacks and desserts.

The national flag carrier revises its menu after every quarter. New menus are prepared by the airline’s Menu Preparation and Implementation Committee on the basis of customer feedback, with emphasis on fresh food, with new taste and improved presentation.

PIA extends all out support to Turkish Airlines


Karachi; June 29, 2016

PIA has offered full support to Turkish Airlines in transporting their passengers disturbed due to flight diversions in the aftermath of terror incident at Istanbul airport early this morning.

Expressing his grief and sorrow over the incident CEO PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand said that we are deeply sorry for this tragedy and as Code Share partners with Turkish Airlines we are ready to extend our all out support to them.

Statement regarding pension payments


Karachi; June 21, 2016

Reference media reports regarding non-payment of pension to retired PIA employees PIA spokesperson has said that there is no truth to such reports. Pensions are being paid on a regular basis, mostly ahead of time. He clarified that pensions due till now have been disbursed while efforts are being made to pay next month’s pension in advance before Eid.

PIA to introduce new menu for in-flight meals


Karachi; June 15, 2016

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), PIA Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand visited the airline’s flight kitchen last evening and was given a presentation on the new domestic and international flight menus for both Economy and Business Classes which PIA is going to introduce from the 1st of July, 2016.

Mr. Hildenbrand inspected the Chef table and directed that highest standards of quality and safety must be ensured in all in-flight meals and snacks.

PIA goes Green


Islamabad; June 6, 2016

PIA has signed a three-year agreement with Messrs. Business Dynamics Pvt Ltd for conversion of airline’s normal plastic packaging into biodegradable plastic.

The new plastic material used in packaging would biodegrade automatically after completing its useful life of 2.5-3 years.

PIA would now be certified as a green company by EPA as a zero pollution airline. This will reduce PIA’s carbon footprint while leading to better waste management.

Director Procurement & Logistics of PIA, Air Commodore Imran Akhtar signed the contract on behalf of PIA with Managing Director Business Dynamics Mr. Amir Younus at a ceremony held in Islamabad today.




Karachi; June 02, 2016

PIA adds five new destinations, four in Australia and one in Europe, as part of its code sharing arrangement with Etihad Airways.

These stations include Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Zurich. Airlines sign such code sharing agreements for those destinations where they do not operate allowing passengers to travel on their tickets.

A year ago, in June 2015, PIA had signed code sharing agreement with Etihad Airways for several destinations in Europe, North America, Eastern Africa and Middle East including Rome, Madrid, Athens, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Washington, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nairobi and Amman.

With this code share arrangement, passengers traveling to the US would now be able to avail the facility of immigration at Terminal 1 of Abu Dhabi airport, which would save them from going through immigration procedure at the US airports.

Under the code sharing arrangement PIA passengers get better connectivity to destinations where the airline does not operate.

PIA already has made such code sharing arrangements with Turkish Airways, China Southern Airlines and Thai Airways.



Karachi; May 31, 2016

Reference media reports regarding alleged hiring of four Germans in PIA’s management, airline’s Spokesperson has clarified that PIA is looking for professional aviation industry specialists to provide the airline with expert and experienced management. Standard procedures are being adopted in the selection process and Board of PIA will take a decision purely on merit based on what is good for the airline, not based on their religion, and colour of skin.

Press Release


Karachi; May 25, 2016

With reference to media queries regarding recovery of heroin from one of PIA’s aircraft at a hangar at Karachi airport, PIA Spokesperson has said that it is an unfortunate incident and airline’s management is extending full cooperation to investigating agencies in addition to conducting its own inquiry.



Karachi; May 21, 2016

Reference reports appearing in a section of media regarding alleged cancellation of the security pass of PIA’s acting CEO, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand, airline’s spokesperson has regarded the news as baseless and contrary to facts. He clarified that as Mr. Hildenbrand’s security clearance is pending, he has been issued a temporary pass, enabling him to perform his duties, which is valid till the end of this month. In case his security clearance is not received till then this pass would be renewed.

PIA reschedules flights due to Islamabad airport runway closure


Karachi; May 21, 2016

Due to closure of Islamabad airport’s runway from 1pm to 6pm on Monday 23rd May, PIA has rescheduled its flights operating during this time.

Passengers are requested to reconfirm their flight timings from PIA Call Center at 111-786-786 before coming to airport.

59 pass 3-year TGS training at PIA Training Center


Karachi; May 7, 2016

First graduation ceremony of PIA Training Centre’s three-year apprenticeship training program in airline technical ground support was held here yesterday afternoon. 59 graduates successfully completed the region’s first ever program of its kind.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand was Chief Guest on the occasion.

Aviation industry is facing acute shortage in technical ground support and PIA Training Centre has taken the initiative to develop and train these apprentices to fill the gap. Due to lack of skilled manpower in Airline Technical Ground Support, aviation industry is facing huge losses in the form of damage to equipments and to the aircraft.

Speaking on this occasion Mr. Hildenbrand said that because of this training program PIA is producing skilled manpower in Airline’s Technical Ground Support which will reduce accidents during ground handling of aircraft.

He congratulated the passing out graduates and appreciated the efforts of concerned PIA management as well as the faculty members of PIA Training Center for taking the challenge and successfully completing the three-year training program.

Since 2014, PIA has set up seven training centers in various parts of the country in addition to Karachi, in which around 600 students are currently studying.

Others present during the ceremony included Director Corporate Planning, MRO, Training and EASA, Mr. Amir Ali; Principal PIA Training Centre, Mr. Sohail Mahmood; Chief Instructor Passenger Services Unit, Syed Aftab Ali Zaidi and GM Technical Training, Mr. Roman Schroeder.


PIA gets Most Improved Performance Award for 2015


Karachi; May 5, 2016

PIA has been given the Most Improved Performance Award by Dubai Airport Authorities at a recently held ceremony for showing remarkable improvement in its on-time performance in 2015.

In addition, Qatar Airways was awarded Gold Award; Gulf Air, Silver Award and Jazeera Airways, Bronze Award.

These airlines were chosen from among 88 airlines operating from the Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport with over 2000 movements having excelled in their on-time performance during 2015.

Mr. Khalil Lamrabet Director of Aviation Business Development and Performance Appraisal, Dubai Airport Authorities was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

The award was received by PIA’s Station Manager at Dubai International Airport, Mr. Manzoor Hussain Jr.


PIA Training Center inaugurated at Multan


Multan; May 3, 2016

PIA’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand inaugurated PIA Training Center (PTC) at Multan here this morning.

The Center would offer a two-year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Training Program in Aerospace and Avionics Engineering.

With the addition of Multan, PIA now has training centers at eight locations. Others include Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Swat, Nawabshah and Quetta.

Expansion of PTC was started in 2014 and since October that year seven centers have been set up. Around 600 students are currently studying in these centers. Their graduates are able to become Aircraft maintenance Engineers after obtaining two years of practical experience.

The Multan training facility has two classrooms, one examination hall and one library and would initially start with 28 students.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Hildenbrand said that PTC in Multan will provide students belonging to this region a lifetime opportunity of making lucrative careers in aviation industry as licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

He said the fast growth of aviation industry, especially in the Middle East, is facing an acute shortage of technical manpower, especially in the field of Aviation. As per Boeing’s Industry outlook, there will be a gap of more than 50,000 aircraft technicians and engineers in the Middle East alone in the next 5 to 10 years, he added.

Mr. Hildenbrand said through PTC the country will not only be able to produce valuable technical manpower for aviation industry but also be able to earn foreign exchange through our talented boys and girls making their career in aviation industry across the globe.

He also said PIA is planning to obtain EASA 147 approval for PTC, which will help its graduates have better job opportunities.

In August 2014, PTC became the first institute to be awarded ANO 147 approval in the entire region.

The COO also took a round of the campus and was briefed by PIA’s Director Training and Corporate Planning, Mr. Amir Ali and Principal PTC, Mr. Sohail Mahmood about the facilities.

Later, Mr. Hildenbrand held a meeting with PIA employees working at Multan station, and discussed ways to improve the airline’s operations from this area.


Chairman PIA forms Committee


Karachi; April 30, 2016

Taking notice of the complaints received regarding alleged irregularities committed during the recent promotions of cabin crew, Chairman PIA Mr. Irfan Ilahi has formed a committee to scrutinize all the cases and report its findings within ten working days.

Till then implementation of those promotion orders would remain suspended. The action has been taken to ensure merit and transparency.

Press Release


Karachi; April 29, 2016

PIA management is striving hard to further improve airline’s on time performance. In a meeting held here this morning, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand appreciated the team effort of all departments of PIA which resulted in 97% punctuality yesterday and asked them to continue working in unison to achieve better results.

PIA management detects irregularity; initiates inquiry


Karachi; April 28, 2016

PIA management has detected irregularities to the tune of Rs. 24 million in civil works department at Lahore. An inquiry has been initiated into the matter and the concerned Manager Works and Senior Works officer have been suspended. Penalties, if any, would be determined in the light of the findings after completion of inquiry proceedings.

PIA to set up A-320 landing gear overhaul facility


Karachi; April 28, 2016

PIA is expanding its Engineering Base in Karachi by adding A-320 landing gear overhaul facility. Expected to be completed later this year, this addition will lead to a saving of more than US$350,000 for each landing gear overhaul.

PIA Engineering Base, which already has landing gear overhaul facility for A-310, A-300, B-747, B-777, B-737, ATR-42 and ATR-72 aircraft, also provides overhaul facilities to other airlines. The addition of A-320 to this facility will save PIA a substantial amount of money, while generating additional revenue for the airline.

PIA increases flights from Faisalabad to KSA


Karachi; April 26, 2016

PIA has increased the frequency of its flights from Faisalabad to Saudi Arabia. The airline would now be operating three flights every week from there to Jeddah and Medina Munawwara.

This will facilitate the passengers living in Faisalabad and adjoining areas as well as the Pakistani community based in Saudi Arabia.

To inaugurate an additional flight to Jeddah a simple ceremony was held at Faisalabad airport early this morning. The passengers of flight PK 763 were seen off by PIA District Manager, Mr. Qaiser Iqbal and other senior officials of the airline.

With the launch of this flight, PIA is now offering three flights from Faisalabad to Saudi Arabia every week, including one to Medina and two to Jeddah.



Karachi; April 13, 2016

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Pakistan International Airlines, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand held a meeting with Chairman and President of Exim Bank of the US, Mr. Fred Philip Hochberg at PIA headquarters here this morning.

Mr. Hildenbrand said that PIA management is taking various steps to increase airline’s revenue, reduce its losses and bring about efficiency in its systems.

Mr. Hildenbrand said that PIA management is taking various steps to increase airline’s revenue, reduce its losses and bring about efficiency in its systems.



Karachi; April 5, 2016

Reference media reports regarding PIA issuing notices to innocent officials at Lahore airport it is clarified that during the past few months the matter has been thoroughly investigated and all the officials who have been issued notices were found involved in the embezzlement of airport tax to the tune of Rs. 6.2 million.

All officials found involved in this malpractice were issued explanation letters in August last year but they refused to reply nor appeared for personal hearing.

All record is available with PIA therefore any report to the contrary is not correct.

PIA announces reduction in Hajj fares


Karachi; April 1, 2016

On the directives of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, PIA, while following a no-profit no-loss policy for Hajj operation, has announced reduction in air fare for Hajj 2016 by nearly four thousand rupees.

This year’s return fare for flights from Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and Sialkot would be Rs. 95,000 while Hujjaj traveling from Karachi, Quetta and Sukkur will have to pay Rs. 86,000, inclusive of all taxes.

PIA co-sponsors art exhibition in Vienna


Karachi; March 31, 2016

PIA is co-sponsoring an art exhibition being held in Vienna, Austria from April 1-6, which would showcase works of both Pakistani and Austrian artists.

The exhibition is being arranged by Hinterland Galerie, a reputable gallery of Austria with the cooperation of the Embassy of Pakistan in Austria.

Spokesman’s statement about Hajj matters


Karachi; March 31, 2016

Spokesman PIA has clarified that media reports about any delay on the part of PIA in submitting hajj fares to the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) and not submitting the hajj flights schedule in time are not correct.

In fact, he said, PIA has already submitted details about Hajj fares to MoRA. It may be noted that PIA’s Hajj operation would be carried out on no-profit no-loss basis, therefore Hujjaj would be offered minimum possible fares, he added.

The Spokesman also said that Saudi Civil Aviation Authority’s deadline for submission of hajj flights schedule for all airlines is 22nd April 2016 and PIA would definitely submit its schedule well in time.



Islamabad; March 29, 2016

Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Aviation, Mr. Shujaat Azeem inaugurated PIA’s new Research & Development centre in Islamabad this afternoon.

A fully automated Central Reservation Control which is part of this center, has also been made functional from today. This initiative aims at streamlining the system of seat reservation in all PIA flights. Other components of the Center include IT Security and crew’s allocation of duties.

Vision of the present government is to facilitate passengers and bring efficiency into the reservation system. AIMS (Automated Information Management System) was purchased in 2004 from Greece for automating crew duty roster but could not be put to use due to vested interest. Now, with the shifting of this setup to Islamabad transparency and merit would be ensured and manual allocation of duties done away with.

Senior officials of PIA were present on the occasion.


PIA headquarters not being shifted


Karachi; March 28, 2016

Reference media reports Spokesman PIA has clarified that PIA is not shifting its headquarters to Islamabad. Only the Central Reservation Control center and auto rostering system for crew’s allocation of duties are being shifted to Islamabad to ensure transparency in these systems and for avoiding manual intervention.

PIA starts issuing automated duty roster for crew


Karachi; March 25, 2016

PIA has started issuing fully automated duty rosters for cabin and cockpit crew, starting from the month of April 2016.

This is the first time PIA has established a fair and transparent system of allocation of assignments for PIA’s crew.

More than a year ago Special Assistant to PM on Aviation, Mr. Shujaat Azeem and then Chairman PIA, Mr. Nasser NS Jaffer had taken this initiative in order to stop manual intervention in this process and check possible malpractices and influence.

PIA’s Central Reservation Control center is also in the process of being shifted to Islamabad to streamline the reservation and ticketing process.

No plan to shift PIA’s flight ops, cargo service


Karachi; March 22, 2016

Referring to a news item appearing in a section of press, Spokesman PIA has clarified that there is no plan to shift PIA flight operation and cargo service to Pakistan Airways after PIA is converted into a limited company. After its conversion into PIACL, the airline would act as an independent limited company with more efficient decision making, he said.

Short statement:

Reference media queries, please note that three PIA flights had been delayed at Islamabad airport due to an anonymous bomb threat call received early morning. After thorough search these aircraft have been cleared by bomb disposal squad. Later the flights departed for their respective destinations. — Spokesman PIA

PIA management orders deep cleaning of aircraft cabins


Karachi; March 15, 2016

PIA management has decided to take urgent steps to uplift the standards of cleanliness of cabins in the aircraft by undertaking their deep cleaning. The process will be initiated immediately under the direct supervision of Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Bernd Hilderbrand. In the beginning cabins of 777s and A310s would brought to international standards, to be followed by A320s and ATRs.



Karachi; March 8, 2016

PIA has increased baggage allowance for its passengers travelling to and from Manchester, Spokesman PIA said in a statement issued here today. He said PIA passengers travelling in Economy Class will now be allowed 55 kgs whereas passengers travelling in Business Class wil be allowed to carry 60 kgs of luggage. PIA management is forever striving to facilitate its customers and giving priority to their comfort and convenience, he added.



Islamabad; March 3, 2016

Reference media queries Spokesman PIA has clarified that the amount recently spent on transportation of cattle to Qatar will be reimbursed to PIA by the concerned government department. Any news regarding this being a financial burden on PIA is baseless, he said.



Islamabad; March 1, 2016

In response to media queries, Spokesman PIA has confirmed that a PIA aircraft had to perform evasive maneuvers due to close proximity of another airliner in Iran’s airspace recently.

Both the aircrafts remained safe and no abrupt maneuvering was required. Iran’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) was immediately informed, which directed the other air traffic accordingly, he said.

The Spokesman maintained that PIA aircraft was at the correct altitude and flying the correct route which was acknowledged by the Iranian ATC.

Speculation about PIA’s assets baseless


Islamabad; February 29, 2016

Referring to a news item published in a section of press today alleging that PIA does not have proof of its assets, Spokesman PIA has clarified that relevant documents are very much in PIA’s safe custody and any speculation in this regard is baseless.

No proposal to lay off PIA employees; offer Golden Shake Hand to employees


Islamabad; February 27, 2016

Clarifying a news item published in a section of press regarding laying off of PIA employees through golden shake hand scheme, Spokesman PIA has said that no such proposal is under consideration, nor has money been allocated for the purpose.

It is regrettable that such kind of rumours are being spread to create unnecessary unrest among the staff of the national airline which is trying to recover from heavy losses, he added.



Islamabad; February 26, 2016

Reference a news story published in a section of press regarding the appointment of new Chief Operating Officer in PIA, airline’s Spokesman has clarified that few candidates were shortlisted for this post on the basis of their professional qualification and experience. The PIA management is still in the process of finalizing the selection of most appropriate candidate for the post, he said, and no decision has been taken as yet.



Islamabad; February 17, 2016

Reference news report appearing in a section of press regarding PIA management issuing show cause notices to those employees too who were on leave during the strike days, airline’s Spokesman has clarified that show cause notices have been issued only to those employees who were actively involved in the strike, after due deliberation.

He said the employees having any reservation can reply back to the management within the given timeframe, clarifying their position. Spokesman said that law would take its course against those employees only who are found guilty of causing losses worth billions of rupees to the national airline and suffering to thousands of passengers.

He further added that under the Essential Services Act PIA’s management is bound to take appropriate action against those found guilty.



Islamabad; February 16, 2016

Reference media reports alleging that delivery of two A-320 planes to PIA has been delayed due to non-availability of trained staff in PIA, Spokesman PIA has clarified that the planes planned to be leased were inspected by PIA’s technical team in December. This team pointed out some technical issue in the planes, which the leasing company promised to fix before delivery, causing delay, he added.

PIA’s flight schedule returns to normal


Islamabad; February 12, 2016

PIA’s flight schedule has fully returned to normal. Due to effective marketing strategy PIA has been able to regain its seat factor within two days of ending of strike. PIA management has expressed its gratitude to the customers for reposing confidence in the national carrier.

PIA to operate 117 flights today

Islamabad; February 10, 2016

PIA has planned 117 flights today including 75 domestic 42 international flights. Due to adjustments being made to accomodate maximum number of passenger load in relatively short time, some change in timings of flights may occur thus passengers are strongly recommended to contact PIA contact centers (051-111-786-786 and 021-111-786-786) before coming to airports and get exact timing and confirmation of flights.

PIA announces reduction in fares


Islamabad; February 10, 2016

PIA has reduced its fares on domestic and major international flights, including Umra fares, with immediate effect to stabalize unrealistic hike in fares and to facilitate its valued customers.

Fares on Karachi-Islamabad-Karachi and Karachi-Lahore-Karachi would now be starting from Rs. 7,500 while return tickets for Umra would start from Rs. 54,500 for passengers from Lahore/Islamabad and Rs. 44,500 for passengers from Karachi.

PIA sends two 777 planes to bring back stranded Umra Zaireen


Islamabad; February 07, 2016

Keeping in view the difficulties being faced by Umra zaireen stranded in Saudi Arabia due to ongoing strike by PIA unions, two Boeing 777 planes have been sent to Jeddah to bring back around 800 of them.

To provide relief to Umra zaireen, all departments of PIA worked as a great team and made these flights possible. All PIA staff members have been requested to resume duties and save their airline.

The flights operating as PK-741 and PK-7329 departed at around 2 am.

PIA is doing its best to look after its passengers and feels profoundly sorry for the inconvenience caused to all valued PIA passengers due to illegal strike.

Airport entry passes of PIA employees cancelled


Karachi; February 05, 2016

In view of ongoing strike, Airport Security Force has cancelled airport entry passes of all PIA employees at all airports of Pakistan. Passes would be reissued after the strike in consultation with PIA management.

PIA to refund tickets when operations resume


Karachi; February 05, 2016

PIA’s international and domestic tickets that are not utilized during strike days would be fully refunded without any additional charges, as normal operation resumes.

PIA adjusts Umra passengers in Saudi Air flights


Karachi; February 05, 2016

Around 700 Umra zaireen stranded in Jeddah have reached Karachi and Islamabad on two flights of Saudi Airlines today.

On its way back the flight from Karachi, taking off a short while ago, carried around 300 Umra zaireen, while the flight from Islamabad would take off at around 5:30 pm taking along nearly 400 Umra zaireen.

Four more similar specially arranged Saudi Airlines flights have been arranged till 8th February.

PIA takes steps for passenger facilitation


Karachi; February 04, 2016

PIA has finalized arrangement with Air Blue to accept PIA’s confirmed ticket passengers for flights to Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Dubai, Muscat, Jeddah and Riyadh.

Arrangements have also been finalized with Shaheen Air to accept PIA’s confirmed ticket passengers for domestic flights.

Similarly passengers having PIA’s confirmed tickets at any international destination may also contact PIA’s staff in their respective countries for conversion of their tickets. They would also be adjusted in various international airlines.

These steps have been taken to facilitate passengers being affected by strike.

PIA arranges four jumbos for Umra Zaireen


Karachi; February 03, 2016

PIA has arranged four Boeing 747 jumbo planes to bring back 2000 stranded Umra zaireen from Jeddah, said PIA’s Spokesman in a statement issued here today.

In this regard agreement has been finalized with Saudi Airlines. These four jumbos would fly on 5th February and bring passengers to Karachi and Islamabad, he said.

The spokesman said that on their way back to Saudi Arabia these planes would carry the same number of Zaireen back to Jeddah for umrah. These passengers, having confirmed PIA tickets, are being provided hotel accommodation by PIA at Jeddah as well as at various cities in Pakistan.

As its back up plan, in prevalent situation, PIA is also in final stages of negotiations with Etihad Airways and Turkish Airlines to facilitate passengers going to and coming from Europe, America and Canada, he added.

PIA releases salary to employees


Karachi; February 03, 2016

PIA’s Spokesman has said that rumors about delay in payment of January’s salary to PIA employees are not correct. Salaries have been released by PIA and would soon be disbursed through banks after completion of necessary formalities, he said.

PIA spokesman denies media reports


Karachi; February 02, 2016

Media reports regarding appointment of a German professional as PIA’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO) at a monthly salary of five million rupees is not correct, said spokesman PIA in a statement issued here today.

Chairman PIA visits hospitals; extends condolences


Karachi; February 02, 2016

Chairman PIA, Mr. Nasser NS Jaffer visited the injured employees of PIA at Jinnah and Agha Khan hospitals here this evening.

During his visit he said that PIA has recommended to the government that today’s unfortunate incident of firing at protesters may be thoroughly investigated.

The Chairman also extended deep condolences to the families of the two deceased PIA employees.

PIA rebuts news about fault in radar system


Karachi; January 26, 2016

Spokesman PIA has rebutted the news item being reported by a segment of media, alleging that radar system was not functional in yesterday’s Lahore-Karachi flight PK-307.

Regarding the news as baseless the spokesman said that due to unfavorable weather en route the flight experienced some turbulence which can in no way be termed as breaking down of system. Clear air turbulence is a normal phenomenon experienced worldwide in aviation industry, he said.

The spokesman added that safety of passengers is always topmost priority for PIA and its pilots and crew are trained never to let it compromise.

PIA management requests union leaders not to close down offices


Karachi; January 25, 2016

PIA management has requested the union leaders not to close down PIA’s offices as it may result in causing inconvenience to passengers across the country, PIA spokesman said in a statement issued here this evening.

He said the airline’s management has requested all the employees to join hands and support the management in the revival of the national flag carrier.

Any disruption in flight schedule will not only cause huge losses to the national airline and compromise PIA’s standards and productivity but also create problems for the travelers, he added.

PIA reschedules flights for next 3 days due to weather situation


Karachi; January 24, 2016

Spokesman PIA has said that keeping in view the weather forecast for the next three days, especially the likelihood of dense fog in Islamabad, Peshawar and most airports in Punjab, PIA has rescheduled some of its flights. It is strongly recommended that passengers may recheck flight timings from PIA call center at 021-111- 786-786 or 051-111-786-786 to avoid any inconvenience, he added.

PIA Spokesman clarifies media reports


Karachi; January 23, 2016

Reference media reports regarding irregularities in provident fund of PIA employees, airline’s Spokesman has clarified that there is no mismanagement in this fund.

He said PIA owes provident fund some money and this liability is being disclosed in PIA’s accounts since 2009. Despite this, mark up is being paid, therefore there is no loss to the fund.

SECP’s queries on PIA’s accounts are a routine matter and are appropriately settled through correspondence, he said.



Karachi; January 22, 2016

Reference media reports regarding PIA paying for a vehicle to transport Finance Minister’s passport to Islamabad for affixation of visa, Spokesman PIA has clarified that his return flight from Beijing was diverted to Lahore due to bad weather and he urgently needed visa for onward travel to Iran as part of PM’s entourage. The amount spent on the hiring of this vehicle was reimbursed to PIA by Mr. Ishaq Dar from his own pocket, he said.

PIA Substantially Reduces Fares for Umrah


Karachi; January 21, 2016

In an effort to facilitate intending Umrah pilgrims and for the convenience of other passengers PIA has reduced its fares for Jeddah and Madinah Munawwara by 10 per cent, with effect from January 24, 2016, Spokesman PIA said in a statement issued here this afternoon.

He said that fares from Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Sialkot, Faisalabad and Multan have now been slashed to PKR 49,100 for Jeddah and to PKR 44,100 for Madinah while from Karachi and Quetta fares have been reduced to PKR 39,100 for Jeddah and PKR 34,100 for Madinah for economy class, exclusive of taxes.

PIA spokesman’s statement


Karachi; January 18, 2016

PIA’s IT system underwent planned scheduled maintenance from 4 pm to 5:30 pm today. During this period computerized reservation system also remained suspended and boarding cards were issued manually. All PIA flights during this time departed in time.

PIA requests travelers to recheck flight timings as fog disturbs schedule


Karachi; January 17, 2016

PIA has requested travelers to recheck flight timings from PIA Call Center before leaving for airports, as dense fog in various cities of Punjab has disturbed flight schedule causing inconvenience to passengers especially at Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot and Lahore airports.

In a statement issued here today, PIA Spokesman said that safety is of paramount importance for the airline therefore flights to and from these destinations, except Lahore, have to be delayed till visibility improves beyond 350 meters.

He said due to the state-of-the-art ILS Cat III-B system, Lahore airport is the least affected, but when visibility drops below 50 meters flights cannot be operated there as well.

He strongly recommended that passengers may contact PIA Call Center at 111-786-786 to keep themselves updated on the latest situation and leave for airports accordingly.

He said fog is a weather phenomenon and passengers are requested to cooperate with PIA staff and understand that flights in fog affected areas are being delayed for their own safety.

Whenever flights are delayed PIA staff arranges free meals and accommodation for passengers, he added.

Attempted robbery at PIA office in Dammam, KSA


Karachi; January 16, 2016

Reference media queries PIA’s Spokesman has confirmed that there was an attempted robbery at PIA’s office in Dammam, KSA two days ago.

He said as per available details some miscreants broke into the office very early in the morning and broke the locker on the ground floor which had no valuables, therefore nothing was taken away.

PIA has registered a formal complaint with local police, which has started investigation, he added.

Charged activists attack PIA office New Delhi, Flight operation not affected


Karachi; January 14, 2016

A group of charged activists, raising anti-Pakistan slogans, attacked PIA’s office in New Delhi this afternoon and damaged the office as well as computers. Police was informed immediately which arrived at the venue and brought the situation under control, arresting one person. Staff of PIA remained unharmed. PIA’s flight operation to India is not affected and PK-270 will operate as per schedule tomorrow.

PIA clarifies media reports on recruitment


Karachi; January 12, 2016

Reference to reports in a section of press regarding PIA recruiting 1000 new workers during the tenure of the present government, Spokesman PIA has clarified that there is no truth to such reports and in fact during this period the total number of employees has been brought down from 16,563 to 14,771 currently showing an overall reduction of 1792.

In fact 611 employees have been hired during this period including 507 technicians in Group IV, as against the attrition of more than 2453 PIA employees during this period. (Attrition refers to retirement, passing away, removal of personnel as well as termination of their deputation or contact period.)

According to details, from June-December 2013, 176 employees were recruited against an attrition of 585; in 2014 only 15 were recruited against an attrition of 988 while in 2015, 420 employees were recruited against an attrition of 880.

Clarifying further the airline Spokesman said that new recruitment have been kept at a bare minimum level to keep the airline operational. This recruitment was indispensable due to huge increase in the size of PIA’s fleet during the tenure of this government. All recruitment was done in a transparent manner, strictly adhering to merit and the previous trend of political appointees has been done away with. By appointing right people at the job, the efficiency of PIA as an organization has been improved, he said.

PIA wins 62nd National Hockey Championship


Karachi; January 10, 2016

PIA won the 62nd National Hockey Championship, after defeating WAPDA in a close encounter in the championship final here this afternoon.

Chairman PIA appreciated the hard work of team members and their management while extending felicitations on behalf of all PIA employees on showing such a good performance.

PIA Chairman felicitates hockey team


Karachi; January 9, 2016

Chairman PIA has congratulated PIA’s hockey team on winning the semi finals of 62nd national hockey championship.

Extending best wishes to the team for championship’s final tomorrow, he asked the boys to do their best to perform even better in this all-important fixture.

PIA spokesman’s statement on Dubai incident


Karachi; January 9, 2016

Regarding media queries about a PIA flight leaving behind dead body of a Pakistani at Dubai airport Spokesman PIA has clarified that the incident took place yesterday due to negligence on the part of the staff of local handling company.

He said PIA’s Dubai office has lodged an official complaint with the company and their concerned staff has been suspended while investigation is underway. The dead body was sent to Lahore on the next available PIA flight via Karachi.

It may also be noted that PIA is the only airline in the world which carries dead bodies of country’s nationals along with one dependent free of charge, he added.

PIA detects embezzlement, hands over accused to FIA


Karachi; January 7, 2016

PIA has detected irregularities worth approximately Rs. 12 million in the reconciliation process of travel agents during October 2014 till August 2015. After preliminary inquiry involvement of a PIA official was suspected. The accused was taken into custody and during further investigation he confessed of this embezzlement. The case has been referred to FIA for formal inquiry.

PIA management has zero tolerance towards any kind of corruption and those responsible for causing loss to the national airline and bringing bad name to it will be dealt with according to the law.

PIA spokesman denies stoppage of salary to employees


Karachi; January 6, 2016

A news item being reported by a segment of media regarding stoppage of payment of salaries to PIA employees is baseless, said spokesman PIA in a statement issued here today.

He said salaries of PIA employees are being processed and shall soon be disbursed as per routine practice.

PIA denies paying for refreshments during Modi visits


Karachi; December 31, 2015

PIA Spokesman has clarified that the news being reported by a segment of media regarding payment of refreshments served to the delegation accompanying the Indian Prime Minister at Lahore airport by PIA is baseless and contrary to facts. Initially, due to shortage of time, the payment was made by PIA staff, however the bill was later sent to concerned department for settlement, he clarified, adding that this is a routine matter.

Spokesman’s Statement


Karachi; December 30, 2015

PIA acknowledges Saudi support in Hajj operation

PIA gives appreciation certificates to Saudi authorities for extending cooperation during this year’s Hajj operation. The certificates were distributed on behalf of PIA Chairman by PIA’s Director Airport Services, Capt. Anwar Adil to CEO Saudi Ground Services Mr. Qaid Khalaf Al Otebi and his team in Jeddah last evening. In addition, appreciation certificates were also given to Mr. Khalid Ansari DGM GACA as well as Mr. Hammad Noor, Mr Khurmi and Mr. Hassam of PPMDC. Mr. Muhammad Ali PIA’s Station Manager Jeddah and Mr. Imtiaz Bhutto PIA’s Country Manager Saudi Arabia were also present on the occasion.

Spokesman’s Statement


Karachi; December 27, 2015

PIA gets fine waived off

Reference to media reports regarding imposition of 10,000 Riyal fine on a PIA flight due to delay at Jeddah airport, spokesman PIA has said that PIA authorities talked to Saudi civil aviation authorities and got the fine waived off as the plane had developed some technical fault at Islamabad airport last night and could not take off. PK-741 is now boarding and would take off soon. This aircraft would return from Jeddah as PK-760, he said.

Spokesman’s Statement


Karachi; December 27, 2015

PK 741 likely to depart at 3 pm: Spokesman PIA

Reference media queries regarding delay in Islamabad-Jeddah flight PK-741 Spokesman PIA has clarified that the aircraft developed some technical fault after pushback at 11 pm last night. Engineers tried to fix the problem, however repair needed more time due to which passengers were informed that flight would be able to go after change of aircraft. During this time passengers were disembarked and meal was served to them. They were also offered free hotel accommodation which was availed by more than 200 passengers coming from outstation. A replacement aircraft has now been arranged from Lahore and the flight is likely to takeoff at around 3 pm. PIA has regretted the inconvenience caused to passengers, he said.

Spokesman’s Statement


Karachi; December 26, 2015

CLO’s degrees in order, objections baseless: Spokesman PIA.

Reference media queries regarding academic qualification of Mr. Wasim Bari Salimi, Chief Legal Officer PIA, Spokesman PIA has clarified that certified copies of his LL.B. degree from Punjab University Law College and LL.M. (Masters of Law) degree from Cornell University Law School New York have been duly submitted. Mr. Salimi is an eminent lawyer and is also licensed to practice in the state of New York in the US. He said objections being raised against him by certain quarters are totally unfounded and baseless.

PIA asks passengers to observe boarding time restriction to ensure timely departures


Karachi; December 23, 2015

In view of complaints of passengers reporting late at check-in counters, or later, not showing up at the boarding gates, resulting in delay in the takeoff of flights, PIA has requested passengers to observe boarding time restrictions, which are in accordance with international aviation norms.

For international flights all counters will now be closed for check-in 60 minutes prior to flight’s departure time, while boarding desks will be closed 20 minutes before departure time.

For domestic flights all counters will now be closed for check-in 30 minutes prior to flight’s departure time while boarding desks will be closed 15 minutes before departure time.

These instructions have been passed on to the PIA’s concerned departments, and passengers are advised to reach airports accordingly.

It may also be mentioned that airlines have to follow the short time slots given to them by control tower for landing and takeoff of each flight. If that time slot is missed, aircraft have to wait for the next available slot, which may result in long delays.

Spokesman’s Statement


Karachi; December 23, 2015

Yesterday union protesters entered data center.

Due to industrial dispute (protest by PIA unions) six PIA flights were delayed yesterday as protesters entered the main data center and situation room at PIA headquarters pulling out cables and shutting down computer systems. Due to this, PIA’s entire system remained suspended for nearly three hours.

PIA management has requested unions leaders to ensure that these nerve centers of the airline remain out of bounds for angry protesters as any damage to the system can have serious consequences for the passengers as well as the airline.

PIA initiates inquiry, to recover fine imposed by UAE from responsible officials


Karachi; December 20, 2015

Taking action on a lady’s traveling on her son’s passport from Lahore to Dubai earlier this week, PIA management has served show cause notice to the concerned employee and initiated inquiry into the incident.

Upon detection of this irregularity the lady was deported by UAE’s immigration authorities and a fine of five thousand Dirhams was imposed on PIA.

PIA has also taken up this matter with FIA as the concerned passenger also cleared by immigration authorities on the same passport.

As this incident caused embarrassment to the national airline as well as the country, it has been decided to take appropriate action against the guilty personnel and also to recover the fine amount from them.

PIA management requests union leaders to call off protest


Karachi; December 20, 2015

PIA management has requested its union leaders to call off their protest as Company’s employees have been assured that their rights are fully protected in the new structure of PIACL, said spokesman PIA in a statement issued here today.

He said in order to remove the reservations of PIA’s employees on the Presidential Ordinance and to propose steps for improving the performance of PIA a committee has been constituted who shall submit its report within two weeks. Mr. Shujaat Azeem has excused himself from heading this committee, he clarified.

The new Company formed under the Ordinance shall be more powerful to take decisions and protect the interest of employees. Government’s control over the management will now be considerably reduced, he said.

The spokesman said that to give boost to PIACL’s operations government will look for strategic partners to jointly pool the resources and run the affairs of the company while retaining the majority shares. However the privatization of PIA is not being considered and neither will it be if PIA continues to show improvement, he said.

Any disruption in flight schedule will cause huge losses to the national airline while creating inconvenience for travelers, he added.

PIA provides free hotel accommodation to stranded passengers in Toronto


Karachi; December 15, 2015

With reference to media queries regarding delay in PIA’s flight from Toronto, Spokesman PIA has explained that bird hit was detected on a PIA aircraft after it landed at Toronto airport yesterday, which had caused damage to the engine.

As its repair time was estimated to be around 72 hours, the passengers were immediately informed. Those living in Toronto were provided free drop to their homes, while around 70 passengers who were from outstation were provided free hotel accommodation, he said.

The spokesman said that a Boeing 777 aircraft has been sent to Toronto today in which around 100 of these passengers would be adjusted, while the rest would travel once the damaged aircraft gets repaired by tomorrow.

Bird hits are a known aviation phenomenon and are beyond the control of any airline, he added.

Spokesman clarifies media reports


Karachi; December 13, 2015

With reference to media reports published in a section of press regarding selling of PIA’s profitable routes to a foreign airline and speculations about possible sellout of PIA to that airline, PIA’s spokesman has stated that this speculation is totally unfounded and contrary to facts.

In a statement issued here today he said that PIA has signed a number of profitable code sharing agreements with various international airlines including China Southern, Thai Airways, Turkish Airways and Etihad Airways, which allow its passengers to travel on PIA tickets to several such destinations where PIA flights do not operate. Code sharing generates additional revenue for the airline without starting it’s own operations on those sectors, he said.

The spokesman further clarified that these agreements are time bound and can easily be revoked, if need be. Signing of such agreements is a norm in international aviation and in no way tantamount to selling off of any airline or its shareholding, he added.

Welcome Onboard


Karachi; December 12, 2015

To attract passengers and for establishing good equation with them PIA’s Toronto office has started distributing free candies at the time of boarding.

Inquiry ordered on SAFA findings


Karachi; December 12, 2015

Taking note of reports published in a section of press regarding detection of safety violations by Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA), an international regulatory body, on two PIA flights, PIACL Management has ordered inquiry into the matter, so that appropriate measures are taken to avoid their recurrence in future.

Two PIA flights recently underwent routine SAFA inspections at foreign destinations, during which few findings were made, which were immediately corrected and flights released.

SAFA conducts routine inspections of all foreign aircraft against its approved laid down standards. No airline can operate without meeting SAFA’s operational and maintenance safety standards and PIA, for a number of years has successfully ensured maintaining these standards.

PIA Board Meeting Postponed


Karachi; December 8, 2015

Meeting of PIA’s Board scheduled for today has been postponed due to the death of the father of a Board member, Mr. Atif Bajwa.

A new date will soon be announced.

PIA Reschedules Flights Due To Fog


Karachi; December 8, 2015

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has rescheduled some of its flights going to Lahore and other parts of Punjab due to heavy fog in order to avoid delays and diversions.

Passengers are being requested to check exact flight timings from PIA call center before leaving for airports in fog affected areas, especially for flights during evening, night and early morning.

Lahore airport has ILS Cat3B system in place, which supports landing only till 50-meter visibility. PIA’s all Boeing 777 pilots have been trained for ILS Cat3B as its training simulator is available in Pakistan. However A-320 pilots have to be sent aboard for training. They are being sent turn by turn and soon all pilots would get ILS Cat3B training.

Another Boeing 777 added to PIA’s fleet


Karachi; December 2, 2015

In an effort to further expand the fleet and induct more fuel efficient aircraft under PIA’s revival strategy, the national airlines has added another Boeing 777-200 ER aircraft to its range today.

With the addition of this aircraft, which arrived at The Jinnah International Airport this afternoon, the total number of aircraft in PIA’s fleet has risen to 38.

Commenting on the induction of another Boeing 777 aircraft, Chairman PIA stated that it is for the first time in the history of PIA that a series of modern aircraft have been added to the national flag carrier’s fleet in such a short period of time. He said that induction of the incoming aircraft would further improve the national airline’s passenger carrying capacity.

The aircraft, to be used for both long and short haul flights, would start operating after completion of all formalities later this month.

PIA flight operation to UAE going smoothly


Karachi; December 1, 2015

With reference to media reports regarding imposition of restrictions on the use of UAEs airspace without upgrading to new Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS), PIA’s spokesman has clarified that airline’s flight operation to UAE is going on smoothly as all Boeing 777 and six A-320 of its fleet already have the new ACAS version installed.

In a statement issued here today he said that UAE authorities had imposed these restrictions giving three days notice to PIA to upgrade its aircraft using their airspace to the new ACAS version, which is otherwise valid till January 1, 2016.

The spokesman said that PIA’s following flights are scheduled from Pakistan’s various cities to the UAE today:

1- PK 217 Peshawar-Abu Dhabi

2- PK 203 Lahore-Abu Dhabi

3- PK 213 Karachi-Dubai

4- PK 263 Lahore-Abu Dhabi

5- PK 283 Peshawar-Dubai

6- PK 233 Islamabad-Dubai

PIA has applied for waiver for A-310 and remaining A-320 aircraft till April 2016, he said.

Meanwhile Chairman PIA has asked the concerned department to speed up efforts to upgrade the remaining aircraft to this version of ACAS.

Spokesman’s Statement, November 27, 2015


Karachi; November 27, 2015

PIA management has detected some irregularities in the refund section of Karachi airport, which have been forwarded to FIA for thorough investigation. A joint team of PIA’s Monitoring and Vigilance Directorate and FIA would investigate the matter. PIA management has zero tolerance towards any kind of corruption and those responsible for causing loss to the national airline would be brought to justice.

PIA achieves 100% flight punctuality


Karachi; November 26, 2015

PIA’s all 124 domestic and international flights operating yesterday achieved 100 per cent punctuality, said PIA’s spokesman here today.

This punctuality is a significant milestone for the national airline as it is undergoing a process of revival and underscores the focus of the airline on passengers’ convenience and comfort, he added.

Spokesman’s Statement, November 26, 2015


Karachi; November 26, 2015

With reference to reports being carried by a segment of media, regarding imposition of fine on PIA for hiring of a building for Hujjaj in 2011, it is clarified that PIA, through its legal department, has appealed to Qazi court in Saudi Arabia which has asked both the parties to sit together and resolve the matter amicably. PIA management is confident that a favorable solution to the problem would soon be found.

Press Release, November 24, 2015


Karachi; November 24, 2015

PIA Chairman Nasser N S Jaffer appreciated the efforts of the airline employees for successfully completing their assigned task during Hajj Operation 2015 with 96 percent flight punctuality on departure and arrivals, PIA spokesman said here on Tuesday.

About 200 employees from various operational departments were posted during pre and post hajj operations to facilitate the over 55,800 passengers for the holy pilgrimage from Pakistan. Of these 46 staff and officers were awarded appreciation certificates for diligent duty by the Chairman PIA over a simple ceremony at the PIA Training Center.

While commending the employees for work done during Hajj-2015 both at domestic airports as well as at Jeddah and Madinah PIA Chairman said that similar zeal may continue in daily operations for the turnaround of the national flag carrier which “we may see sooner than later,” He added.

The entire operations undertaken on priority by PIA management every year for two months for flying the pilgrims to Saudi Arabia on dedicated flights and bringing them was being supervised on daily basis by the Chief Hajj Coordinator Capt. Anwar Adil and Director Customer Services Mr. Khurram Mushtaq. Special Assistant to PM Mr. Shujaat Azeem also kept a close view of the Hajj Operation – 2015 to make it a big success.

The certificate distribution ceremony was also addressed by General Secretary Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA) Capt. Sohail Ahmed; Society of Aircraft Engineers Pakistan (SAEP) representative Engineer Zakir Farooq and PIA Senior Staff Association (PSSA) Aqeel Ahmed Siddiqui.

PIA increases flights to GB


Karachi; November 19, 2015

On the directions of Prime Minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Special Assistant to PM, Capt. Shujaat Azeem PIA has increased its flights to Gilgit Baltistan and is now offering 11 flights per week.

As per details PIA flights now include two daily flights on the sector Islamabad- Gilgit-Islamabad every Friday, Sunday, Monday and Thursday; while one daily flight is operated on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday. These flights are operated by ATR aircraft.

PIA for the convenience of its passengers is now offering seven flights per week on Islamabad- Skardu- Islamabad route of which three flights per week are operated by A320 and the rest by ATR aircraft.

The airline is also offering four flights per week on Islamabad-Peshawar-Chitral route.

The increase in frequency of flights would not only allow tourism to flourish in the area but would also greatly facilitate its residents.

Chairman PIA, Nasser NS Jaffer has directed that the highest standards of punctuality and service delivery must be ensured in all flights.

PIA inaugurates New Boeing 777-200ER Flight


Karachi; November 17, 2015

Islamabad: Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has successfully inducted Boeing 777-200ER aircraft on dry lease and inaugural flight PK 308 from Karachi to Islamabad reached today.

This Aircraft was manufactured in 2005, powered with two General Electric engines. Seating capacity in Business Class is 25 seats, Economy plus 54, Economy class 228 with the total reaching up to 307 passenger seats.

As per the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, PIA is being restructured and revamped with a vision of modern fleet with fuel efficiency and all amenities on board in order to provide best travel experience to all the citizens of Pakistan.

Keeping in mind the golden era of PIA and the days when this airline was best in the world, PIA Retro Livery from 1960’s has been now painted on the aircraft. Boeing 777 aircraft’s are the most modern and reliable aircrafts in the aviation industry round the world. Another Boeing 777 shall be joining PIA fleet very soon.

In a short period of time and under the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan and Special Assistant to PM on Aviation, Mr. Shujaat Azeem, PIA has managed to streamline its operations by grounding 20 years old aircrafts (B-737 & B-747) and bringing in new fuel efficient and modern fleet.

This new aircraft Boeing 777 will serve passengers over long haul routes, i.e. UK, Europe, USA and Canada while new destinations will be opening up soon. Under the management of Chairman PIA Mr. Nasser N. S.  Jaffer, PIA is committed to rise again to its former glory days.

PIA announces increase in flights to various international destinations


Karachi; November 14, 2015

After induction of two new planes in its fleet, PIA has announced increased number of flights to various international destinations including Toronto, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Jeddah, Dammam, Madina Munawwara, Beijing and Dubai.

As per details PIA would add an additional flight to Toronto starting from next month taking the total number of flights to four per week.

Number of weekly flights to Kuala Lumpur has been increased from five to six, to Jeddah from 17 to 21, to Dammam from seven to 10, to Madinah Munawwara from five to eight and to Muscat from seven to 11.

Similarly, PIA has started two daily flights from Islamabad to Dubai, in addition to one daily flight from Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar to Dubai.

The number of weekly flights to Beijing, which was increased to three in August would be taken to four from next month

PIA signs two MoUs at Dubai Airshow


Karachi; November 12, 2015

Pakistan  International  Airlines (PIA) signed following two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) on the sidelines of Dubai Air show in UAE:

1. Maintenance  Support  of Boeing  747-200 aircraft of AHS Air International  (Pvt.)  Ltd. Pakistan. (The contract, expected to earn two  million US dollars for PIA, involves provisioning of services by PIA Engineering and Maintenance Department, by providing full support to  AHS, a Pakistani cargo operator for the overhaul of Landing Gear as well as heavy maintenance check (“C” check) of B747-200 aircraft.)

2. Comprehensive Maintenance  support contract covering the Maintenance  requirements of Shaheen  Airline International’s (SAI) fleet. This long term Maintenance Support  MoU includes Shop Support for  various engines, component and Line Maintenance for SAI’s fleet.

The  signing  ceremony was witnessed by , Chairman PIA Mr. Nasser NS Jaffer and  Chairman (Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra) Air Marshal Javed Ahmed HI (M) along with senior officials of PIA as well as members of PIA Board of Directors.

Press Release, November 8, 2015


Karachi; November 8, 2015

A leading travel agent of UK has defaulted to IATA, on the outstanding amount owed to various airlines, including 0.65 million pounds due on PIA.

According to IATA rules an agent must settle financial claims of the first fifteen days of a month by the 2nd of next month with Bank Settlement Plan (BSP), the financial settlement arm of IATA, and till then is allowed to sell tickets. If some agent fails to pay the amount due to the airlines by that date, he is immediately delinked by IATA until the outstanding dues are cleared. Airlines do not settle financial accounts directly with travel agents and have to deal through BSP.

The amount of £0.65 million is from September 1 to October 2, the day when this agent reported default. The agent was not allowed to sell tickets beyond that date.

This agent was PIA’s second biggest selling agent in the UK and had sold tickets worth four million pounds during the last year.

BSP is taking legal action against the defaulting agent for recovering the amount they owe to various airlines. PIA is in contact with BSP on this matter and would also utilize bank guarantees and incentives deposited by the agent with PIA.

Reference media queries regarding PIA not repairing its grounded planes, Spokesman of PIA has clarified that PIA has only one Boeing 747 aircraft, which has completed its flying life and is not airworthy.

All other aircraft included in PIA’s fleet undergo regular maintenance as per aviation industry norms.

PIA prepares its domestic and international flights schedule keeping in view this routine maintenance therefore there are no delays are caused on this account.

Media persons are once again requested to take PIA’s version while broadcasting such news.

Press Release, October 27, 2015


Karachi; October 27, 2015

PIA employees are with the people of Pakistan in this time of grief and pray for those who lost their lives and for speedy recovery of the injured due to the earthquake.

Pakistan International Airlines is ready to provide assistance, if necessary for the people of earthquake affected areas.

The airline will uplift relief goods free of cost from Domestic as well as PIA’s International destinations, once necessitated by Federal Government and NDMA. A meeting was held at PIA head office under the supervision of Chairman PIA, Nasser NS Jaffer to assess the situation and the airline’s readiness to set up collection points for relief goods and its uplift.

Meanwhile, PIA has already activated its Emergency Response Centre (ERC) at Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar to facilitate relief efforts for the residents affected by the devastating earthquake. There is a defined checklist procedure in place which shall be adopted once; the relief operation is demanded by NDMA and the Federal Government.

Press Release, October 15, 2015


Karachi; October 15, 2015

In the aviation maintenance business on time delivery of the aircraft especially after the heavy maintenance check is on the key performance indicators. Recently, heavy maintenance check 2C on Pak Navy ATR-72 aircraft was accomplished at PIA Engineering & Maintenance (E & M) Islamabad base. The engineering team honored Pak Navy request for earliest delivery of aircraft and achieved the check completion with its finesse skills in stipulated time frame of mere 17 working days.

PIA (E & M) continues to provide minor to major ranging maintenance services to Pakistan Navy on a healthy business platform for years. PIA (E & M) workforce continue striving for the streamlined process starting from aircraft docks-in to on time dock out.

Apart from business prospects, conducting this major check on ATR72 series aircraft, will not only give PIA an opportunity to enhance the level of its capability from ATR42 series aircraft but also gave chance to handle own ATR72-500 aircraft recently inducted in the fleet by the vision of the top management.

This visionary initiative to offer services to third party customers is helping in generation of additional revenues for the airline against lucrative business ventures. Acquiring such businesses from third party customer not only has monetary benefits for the national flag bearer, but at the same time, further strengthens the building relationships between the two companies. The maintenance activity resulted in prospective revenue earning of around PKR 10 Million to Pakistan International Airline thereby save the foreign exchange spending of our defence forces.

PIA management highly appreciated the extra efforts put in by the PIA Engineering & Maintenance ISB on this occasion.