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1: What is online booking and how do I use it?
Online booking is a convenient way of booking your travel over the internet. Using PIA online services you can:

a) Book a flight and pay online for your travel
b) Request for a particular seat, special meal or service
c) Check Flight status
d) View the Schedule/timetable

You may also click here get an Online Booking Guide.

2: What flights are available for online bookings on www.piac.com.pk
Online booking is available on PIA operated flights; on all domestic and international on the PIA network and on certain PIA code share flights along with interline partners.

3: How do I use the online booking service?
You can start by visiting www.piac.com.pk and then follow the process:

a) Search flights – Find a suitable flight/routing/date
b) Select flights – Display of fares and selection of suitable fares
c) Passengers & Payments – Insert details of passengers and payment card details on a secured web-page
d) Confirmation – Generation of confirmation of the web booking

4: Does PIA have a mobile version of the website?
Yes, the mobile version of our website allows you to book flights, check flight schedules, check flight status and more.

Our mobile site is a light version of the main website but retains all the core functionality you need when you’re on the move or if you simply prefer to get things done from your phone.

We also have an app available on Google App Store; you can find it by searching “PIA app” or you may click here to get the app on your mobile.

5: Can I book different classes for different legs of my journey?
Yes. You may use the “ANY” option from cabin class selection drop down list for booking mixed classes, for your outbound and inbound travel legs of your journey.

6: Can I make the booking online and pay at any of the PK Ticket offices?
Due to ticketing regulations, a different fare may apply if you wish to pay for the tickets at PK Ticket offices. The fares displayed online are for sale and payment made through www.piac.com.pk only.

7: What is the maximum number of travelers for whom I can make an online reservation?
In one online transaction, you can book up to nine (9) passengers, including (6) adults and children in your traveling party as seats will be occupied. Infants are co-related to the number of adults in the traveling party.

8: Can I make an online booking for a child traveling alone?
No, you cannot make a booking for a child traveling alone. Please contact your nearest PIA Ticket office.

9: Can I request special assistance when making my reservation Online?
Yes. We offer special services and meal requests, and you can choose the same from pre-defined drop down menus on the passenger information page. If you need any further assistance, please contact PIA Call Center.

10: What are the conditions of PIA Branded Fares?
PIA Branded Fares are only available for online purchases. Please visit the following link PIA Branded Fares for conditions and penalties.

11: Can I purchase an open-dated ticket when I book online?
No. The selected sectors must be booked on a confirmed basis and paid for at the same time.

12: Can I make an online booking with my credit/debit card if I am not traveling myself?
No, Credit/Debit card holder must be one of the traveling passengers and has to present the card for verification at the time of check-in and at PK Ticket Offices.

13: How can I check my ticketing time limit to purchase the temporary web booking?
In order to check the applicable Ticketing Time Limit of your booking, please click My Booking and enter your Web Booking Reference (PNR) alternatively customers may also call at PIA Contact Center for further assistance.

14: Can I book my ticket online and pay later through website?
Currently we do not offer this service online. The full payment has to be made at the time of booking.

15: How can I pay for my ticket online, what are the payment methods?
You can use a credit/debit card issued by Master / Visa. Upon successful payment you will receive an Itinerary receipt by email.

16: Can I use more than one card for my payment, if I have a credit limit on my card?
No. For one transaction only one card can be used for online booking.

17: Is it secure to give my personal details and my Credit card information online?
Our site www.piac.com.pk uses the industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The data provided by the customers is maintained under secure/safe environment on PIA servers compliant with PCI/DSS eliminating risk of any kind of disclosure of payment information.

18: How do I know that the connection is secure?
The closed lock sign on the bottom of the browser is an indication that the page is secure. You may also view the same, using the browser security options in the tools/ properties depending on the browser you are using.

19: Can I make an online payment in a currency of my choice?
No, our prices are automatically displayed based on the city of origin you’re flying from.
For example, if you’re in the US, booking a flight from Dubai to Karachi, the price displayed will be in Arab Emirates Dirham (AED).

Please note that your payment provider may apply different exchange rates to the fare displayed on the booking page. There may be additional charges incurred, so please check with your payment provider before making your booking.

20: Why have I have been charged a foreign transaction fee?
You are transacting on a website where the Merchant is based in Pakistan. In certain cases where the merchant is not based in the same country as the customer, your card issuing bank may charge an International Transaction Fee, over and above the transaction value. This fee is imposed by Visa/Master and passed on to the card holders by the card issuing bank. For more information you may please check with your bank on the clauses governing these additional foreign fees. This fee is in addition to your ticket fare charged and will be incorporated in your credit card statement. It is not charged or billed by Pakistan International Airlines and hence will not be included in the Online Booking Confirmation email sent to you.

As this charge has not been made by Pakistan International Airlines, we request you to liaise with your card issuing bank for the same and for further assistance, please contact credit.card@piac.aero along with your bank statement reflecting the foreign transaction fee.

21: How can the fare displayed on the currency converter be different from the amount charged by my bank?
While booking online on our website, fares will always be displayed in the currency of the country of origin of your journey. Furthermore, through the Payment Gateway, Pakistan International Airlines would process and receive payment for the exact amount as displayed on the website. Pakistan International Airlines does not charge any additional charges apart from displayed fare.

22: If I need to change the booking dates, what should I do?
For change of booking dates customer is requested to visit PK Ticket Office for further assistance along with your Passport/CNIC and original credit/debit card for verification and payment (conditions apply). You may also contact PIA Call Center for further assistance.

23: How should I get a refund of web ticket?
If passengers wish to take refund, he/she must cancel the reservation through PIA Contact Center at (+92‐21)‐111‐786‐786 (or International Toll Free numbers) and send an e‐mail to PIA Web Refund unit at khiwtpk@piac.aero with web ticket receipt and last four digits of credit/debit card.

24: Need to Split the web reservation or want to transfer web ticket to other person?
Divide/Split of web reservation/ticket is not allowed as well as web tickets are non-transferable / non-endorsable. Please contact web.ticketing@piac.aero

25: Can I change the route of my web ticket?
Re-routing is not allowed on web tickets. Please contact web.ticketing@piac.aero

26: Can I get a senior citizen discount on web ticket?
Senior citizen discount ticket can only be purchased from PIA Ticket Office upon proper verification of passenger, hence not allowed on online purchases or on temporary web bookings.

27: If I make a temporary web booking of a web discounted flight, can I get the discount if purchases through PK Ticket Offices?
No, Web discounts are not applicable for temporary online bookings and where ticket purchase is made through PIA Ticket Office. Facilitation charges will apply at PIA Ticket Office in addition to the fares quoted on website for temporary web bookings.

28: When I get to the payment page and after submitting details the transaction end with Session Expiry error?
Customer is requested to please complete all information within 10 minutes of time session.
Furthermore, please ensure with you card issuing bank that 3DS feature is enabled on your card for online purchases.

29: I am getting an error of Card processing or Payment Processing?
For card processing issue, please contact your credit/debit card issuing bank to ensure that 3DS feature is enabled on your card for online purchases. Furthermore, payment processing error or delay in processing (which may also lead to Session Expiry) is due to your bank is not giving approval for the transaction due to account limit exceed or any other reason. Please contact bank for rectification of this issue. If problem persist please contact web.ticketing@piac.aero along with following details for our further investigation.

a) Name of Passenger in Full.
b) Date of Departure
c) Route / Sector of traveling
d) Flight number
e) Card (Last four digits)
f) Passport or CNIC

30: What documentation can I use for my expense reports with Web Ticket?
In the case of expense account reporting, you can use your ticket itinerary/receipt (attached) in the email received from web.ticketing@piac.aero after purchasing the ticket online.


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2)How do I find my local PIA Office?

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3)How do I find my local PIA Office?

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