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About PIA Cargo

PIA Cargo commenced operations in 1974, with flights to the USA, Europe, and Hong Kong on the B-707 aircraft. PIA Cargo has the unique distinction of introducing Pakistan’s fruits to international markets and pioneered the exports of fresh fruits and vegetables to global destinations. Operating as the air freight division of Pakistan’s national carrier, PIA Cargo has achieved rapid growth and reaches out to destinations spanning the globe through its passenger scheduled flights and freighter services.

PIA Cargo earns valuable revenue for Pakistan International Airlines and provides a massive boost to Pakistan’s wide spectrum of exports. The aggressive growth of PIA Cargo coupled with PIA’s rapidly expanding passenger operations, empowers customers with a range of cutting-edge cargo products and services. In addition to offering cargo services, PIA Cargo also arranges charter flights to lift meat, livestock and relief goods within and outside Pakistan.


PIA Cargo transports a range of commodities across Pakistan as well as a growing list of global destinations. The commodities that PIA Cargo ships run the gamut from edibles such as meat and vegetables, to textiles, paper products, laboratory equipment, and even un-cremated human remains. For more information on commodities that PIA Cargo transports, please contact our Product Manager.

PIA Cargo also specializes in the uplift of special cargo such as relief goods, live animals (sheep, cows, camels, horses), and shipments for cargo aircraft. These commodities are uplifted on leased freighters as and when the need arises.