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Nurturing Talent, Achieving Glory

PIA is much more than a national airline, it is a national institution. In continuation of its unwavering commitment to Pakistan’s development, the PIA Sports Division was set up in 1958. PIA’s contribution to the advancement of Pakistani sports remains unparalleled – no other organization in the country has consistently invested in the promotion and development of sports.

Visionary leadership at PIA provided the impetus for the airline to set up a unique career development plan for sportsmen. PIA provides attractive and stable jobs to outstanding sportsmen, empowering them to focus on what they do best. Sportsmen are provided gear, travel facilities, and benefits that have enabled them to excel and make Pakistan proud. PIA’s sportsmen have been and continue to form Pakistan’s lineup for major sports including cricket, hockey, football, squash, bridge and chess.

PIA has dramatized the world of Pakistani sports by transforming popular games into national sports, national sportsmen into international heroes, and national tournaments into international sports bonanzas.