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Medical Services

PIA Employee Health & Medical Services

The health and welfare of our employees has always been a matter of utmost importance and significance at PIA. All employees are provided with a comprehensive medical package, in collaboration with reputable hospitals, diagnostic labs, and medical institutions. In 1959, PIA established a Medical Division to supply wide-ranging medical coverage to active and retired employees. To ensure that the highest standards of aviation are maintained, a Crew Center periodically carries out air crew checks, in conformity with international and Civil Aviation Authority standards.
PIA’s medical facilities cover the parents and spouses of serving employees, children up to the age of 27, unmarried daughters, and disabled, mentally challenged children of any age. Retired employees and their spouses are also eligible for medical care at PIA’s Medical Centers. In addition to coverage in Pakistan’s major cities, PIA has extended its medical network to 35 smaller stations, in collaboration with private and public sector hospitals. PIA also looks after its overseas employees under the Local National Health Scheme and Insurance Schemes.