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Corporate Social Responsibility

PIA is driven by the highest standards of corporate governance and social responsibility. As a public sector organization and a business leader, PIA believes in building strong relationships with customers, partners, employees, and the communities in which it operates. The organization’s values are exemplified in a range of corporate initiatives designed to impact positively on the lives of multiple stakeholders. PIA practices active corporate citizenship through social services, support for non-profit organizations, medical services for employees, the promotion of sports, and educational initiatives.

PIA has institutionalized the practice of good governance by establishing a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. The Committee provides a platform to evaluate, update, and recommend best practices as PIA continues on its mission to adhere to business ethics and stamp out corruption. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is woven into the fabric of daily operations at PIA.

Our employees wholeheartedly contribute to our commitment to develop the organization, the communities in which we function, and the country. PIA is proud of its human resource as they in many ways initiate & actively participates in welfare missions. PIA is gifted with teams of professionals who pursue excellence and deliver confidence. With a Leadership that understands the true meaning of Social Accountability, PIA has been able to realize vision of social accountability.

Social Services

Reaching Out to Help IDPs

PIA is committed to extend a helping hand, to distressed communities of society, whenever needed. PIA believes in contributing for the betterment of society by, working for and learning from the experience of, setting unprecedented examples of cooperation and support.

In view of the disturbances in the northern part of the country, millions of people were constrained to leave their homes and dwell in camps set in peaceful areas. To address the suffering of these distressed persons including a large number of children needed both tangible and emotional support. At these crucial moment PIA risen to the needs of the nation and decided to activate its Emergency Response Centre for collecting Relief Goods for onward dispatch to the people in distress in an efficient and transparent manner.

Various individual contributors, institutions and welfare bodies from different parts of the world also availed this wonderful service from PIA. Collection centers were established in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad and more than 300,000 Kgs of relief goods were transported

Boy Scouts Association

The PIA Boy Scouts Association (PIA-BSA), a provincial segment of the Pakistan Boy Scouts Association, is based on the value system of the Scout Promise and Law. The PBSA’s mission is to actively train and develop members through Youth Training Programs.

Scouting contributes to the education of young people and helps build a better world where individuals can play constructive roles in society. The PIA-BSA’s major contributions include providing Haj services at domestic and Saudi Arabian airports, engaging in activities with the Heritage Association of Pakistan, assisting special children at PIA’s Al-Shifa Trust, and participating in a number of health, cleanliness, literacy, tree plantation, drug prevention, and blood donation drives. The PIA-BSA has also started a cricket academy where thousands of youth have received cricket coaching from PIA’s renowned test and first-class cricketers. Following the earthquake tragedy of 8th October, 2005, the PIA-BSA immediately deployed contingents in Islamabad followed by scout deployments in Balakot, Garhi Habibullah, Muzaffarabad, and Bagh where relief goods were distributed and emergency services were rendered.

PIA Planetariums

Through a combination of projectors, optics, electronics, and precision engineering, PIA offers a range of cosmic experiences to the Pakistani people. The PIA Planetariums enable the viewing of virtual universes, replete with stars, planets, and nebulae and visitors throng the planetariums to look at astronomical phenomena such as eclipses, alien landscapes, planets, and the sun. PIA is the only airline in the world to have invested in an innovative and educational planetarium project that is open to the general public at affordable rates.

PIA Horticulture

Plants and trees provide habitat, shelter, food, materials and medicines to human beings and animals. Realizing the significance of a healthy and pollution-free environment, PIA set up a horticulture division in 1996. In addition to maintaining indoor and outdoor plants and trees, PIA Horticulture provides seasonal flowers for display in PIA’s offices and for a range of events, winning several awards and accolades at flower exhibitions across the country. To reduce pollution and contribute towards a greener Pakistan, PIA Horticulture actively participates in tree plantation campaigns during each spring and monsoon season.

Support for Non-Profit Organizations

As a responsible corporate citizen PIA has a special social commitment which it takes very seriously. PIA is engaged and actively supports various social projects.

As part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, PIA fully sponsors Al-Shifa Trust, which provides relief and rehabilitation services to special children suffering from cerebral palsy and other motor disorders. Besides this, PIA has been providing help to charities and trusts.

Training and Education

PIA Training Center

The PIA Training Center is a leading airline training institution that delivers the highest standards of aviation instruction. The Training Center is built around a highly advanced training infrastructure, approved by local and international regulatory authorities such as CAA, ICAO, and IATA. The PIA Training Center’s courses are based on a unique, standards-based curriculum designed to impart knowledge and best practices in all the aspects of the airline industry. The PIA Training Center provides quality training to PIA’s pilots, engineers, air hostesses, and to employees of other associated PIA divisions.

PIA Model Secondary School

The PIA Model Secondary School was set up in 1980 to provide high quality education to the children of PIA’s employees at an affordable fee. Situated at a distance from the hubbub of the city, the school is housed in a modern building that spans over 10 acres of land and is staffed by teachers dedicated to empowering children with knowledge and skills for the future. Equal emphasis is placed on curricular and extra curricular activities in order to produce well-rounded, holistic, and responsible citizens.

PIA Industrial Training Institute

The PIA Industrial Training Institute was established in 1986 to provide technical, vocational, and industrial knowledge to the families of PIA’s employees. With the sustained support of top-level management at PIA, the Institute has functioned smoothly for over two decades, and has emerged as a leading industrial training center in the region. The Institute imparts industry knowledge, and specialized training courses in arts and crafts to the families of employees for a very nominal fee, empowering them to earn livelihoods and gain respect in their communities.

Medical Services

PIA Employee Health and Medical Services

The health and welfare of our employees has always been a matter of utmost importance and significance at PIA. All employees are provided with a comprehensive medical package, in collaboration with reputable hospitals, diagnostic labs, and medical institutions. In 1959, PIA established a Medical Division to supply wide-ranging medical coverage to active and retired employees. To ensure that the highest standards of aviation are maintained, a Crew Center periodically carries out air crew checks, in conformity with international and Civil Aviation Authority standards.

PIA’s medical facilities cover the parents and spouses of serving employees, children up to the age of 27, unmarried daughters, and disabled, mentally challenged children of any age. Retired employees and their spouses are also eligible for medical care at PIA’s Medical Centers. In addition to coverage in Pakistan’s major cities, PIA has extended its medical network to 35 smaller stations, in collaboration with private and public sector hospitals. PIA also looks after its overseas employees under the Local National Health Scheme and Insurance Schemes.

Corporate Safety & Quality Assurance

The PIA Corporate Safety & Quality Assurance Division ensures safe operations by monitoring implementation of international standards and recommended industry practices. Strict adherence to Safety & QHSE policy and procedures during flight as well as in ground operations helps in maintaining safe workplace environment. Corporate Safety & QA Division is responsible for effective implementation of Safety Management System (SMS), Health Safety & Environment (HSE) Program, Flight & Ground Safety Management, Flight Data Monitoring & Analysis Program, Emergency Response Planning (ERP) and Fire Protection Services as well as a robust Quality Assurance Program encompassing overall operations of the airline.


IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) Certification

PIA is proudly maintaining its IOSA Certification and thus IATA Registration since 2005. The IATA Operational Safety Audit Program is an internationally recognized and accepted system for assessing the operational management and control systems of an airline.

IOSA is based on industry proven quality audit principles and structured to ensure a standardized audit with consistent results. Airlines that meet all IATA Standards Manual (ISM) standards become registered with IATA as an IOSA Operator. IOSA Audit covers Organization and Management System, Flight Operations, Operational Control & Flight Dispatch, Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance, Cabin and Cargo Compartment Operations, Aircraft Ground Handling, Cargo Operations and Operational Security of the airline.

By virtue of PIAs IOSA Certification, PIA is able to ensure safety of passengers as well as employees.

Fire Safety-in the Workplace and at Home

PIA has made a number of arrangements to handle incidental fires and allied hazards. First Aid Fire Stations have been set up in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, and Fixed Fire Protection Systems have been installed at sensitive premises. PIA’s locations are equipped with portable fire extinguishers and a range of other fire safety devices. All the installed equipment is inspected regularly and maintained in accordance with international standards.

Fire Safety Courses are conducted regularly to equip employees with fire fighting skills and to impart critical knowledge of preventive measures. Fire Prevention Courses are also conducted at the Staff Township and PIA Model Schools so that employees and their families can take appropriate fire prevention measures at home.

PIA’s Corporate Safety & QA Division also actively engages in advocacy sessions to create awareness through print publications and sharing of experiences. Working in collaboration with the Fire Protection Association of Pakistan, PIA is committed to creating and promoting a culture of safety at a nation-wide level. The division’s future plans include running fire and safety awareness sessions at government and private schools.


Emergency Response Planning

Passenger care is an airline’s most crucial responsibility. Acknowledging the significance of Emergency Response Planning (ERP), PIA has set up a discrete section to handle emergencies. The Emergency Response Planning Section has developed an Emergency Response Manual and manages Emergency Response Center Teams, Field Teams, Family Assistance and Support Teams, and Volunteers. The ERP Section also trains volunteers in the areas of aircraft emergencies, rescue, basic first aid, and fire fighting to effectively respond to natural disasters.

Emergency Response Facilities include the computerized data storage of teams and volunteers with an automated emergency call out system. This software application also provides a technology supported callback system for contacting families of the affected.

PIA’s Emergency Response Planning Section hopes to contribute meaningfully towards national capacity building in the area of emergency management, through financial and human resource investments.

HSE Management System (Health, Safety & Environment)

PIA has been proactive in understanding the needs of time and has launched the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) initiative. The objective of this program is to mature the airline’s HSE systems to a level which will eventually lead to OHSAS-18001 and ISO-14001 certification.

As part of this program, PIA conducts organization wide HSE trainings, development of HSE objectives, implementation of HSE system procedures and management reviews to assess the continual effectiveness of the HSE system. These accomplishments will make PIA a safer airline, paving the way for OHSAS and ISO certifications.