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Precision Engineering Complex

Fully Integrated, Precision Engineering for Demanding Industries

The Precision Engineering Complex (PEC) at PIA manufactures high precision parts for the aerospace industry and a number of other industries.

The PEC is an integrated facility that houses major engineering disciplines under one roof, including investment casting, conventional and CNC machining, Optics, PCB, Electrical, Electronics and Composites. Multi-disciplinary teamwork enables intelligent decision making and high quality output in all phases of product development and manufacturing.

Across the globe, PEC products take to the skies every day. The PEC is a supplier to USA and Europe and serves companies such as General Electric, Airbus Industries and Boeing. Services run the gamut from simple machining jobs to complex shaping using high precision CNC controlled equipment. The team is experienced in cutting large varieties of basic and exotic materials including hard steels, aluminum alloys, and the machining of a wide range of castings, forging and extrusions.

For your Precision Engineering needs, please get in touch with us at infopec@piac.aero