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PIA Speedex – Services

PIA Speedex offers a range of flexible delivery options to suit your budget and your needs.
Same Day Speed

Perfect for businesses, the Same Day Speed service delivers mission-critical documents or parcels on the same day that you ship them. Delivery times depend on when you book your shipment and the availability of flights.
Overnight Speed

The Overnight Speed service works while you sleep at night. Your parcels and documents are delivered to their destination the next day, depending upon when you book your shipment and the availability of flights. Businesses use the Overnight Speed service for the delivery of official documents that are transported at night and arrive at their destinations the next morning, just in time for the start of the day’s work.
Second Day Speed

The Second Day Speed service delivers your shipment to its destination within a 2 day period. This cost-effective service is ideal for heavy packages and for deliveries where time is not of the essence.
Speed Box

The 3 Kg, 5 Kg & 10 Kg Speed Box are specially designed, economical package that is delivered overnight, without hassles, and with the PIA Speedex promise of speed, reliability, and affordability.


Specials at Rs. 150/- per Service

1. Time Definite Delivery: It is a unique service that PIA Speedex offers to our proud customers. Customers can pre-assign delivery timings themselves, according to their personal or business needs, by paying a small premium per shipment. Speedex will reach your doorsteps on the dot.
2. Holiday Service: PIA Speedex delivers, 365 days a year regardless of day or date or any special event. Our customers are more important to us. Whichever day you want your shipments to be sent or delivered, Speedex will serve up to your complete satisfaction.
3. Fragile Handling: Sensitive items need to be handled with due care. PIA Speedex offers a special service for fragile goods, which means separate, extra cautious, careful and safe handling. You can rest assured that your shipment will be delivered to its destination in perfectly safe and sound condition, without any damages.
4. Flyer Services: Whether it be your visa stamped passports, vehicle registration books, your original degrees, or any other document which carries some intrinsic or sentimental value, we offer a custom designed polyethylene pouch which ones sealed cannot be opened with tearing it apart. We call it ‘Flyer’, as it literally flies to your destination.

Corporate Deals

Corporate customers with high volume courier needs can benefit greatly from the discounts offered by PIA Speedex. If you’d like to sign up for our special corporate deals, please contact PIA Speedex Sales, for more information on benefits and rates.
One-Off Deals

PIA Speedex offers special rates for one-time movements of bulk quantities or heavy items. Please contact PIA Speedex Sales for more information about our special one-off deals.


Seasonal Products & Fruits

When the season is right for special juicy produce of Pakistan, such as, our world renowned mangoes from the lush orchids of Punjab and Sindh, or the Cherries from Hillsides of Karakoram and Balochistan, PIA Speedex offers its customers fastest door-to-door delivery services. Fresh grapes, leechi, kino, apples, strawberry, peaches, dates or pomegranates, using our fleet of aircraft operating flights to a vast domestic network, we make it sure that the freshness of the fruit is well preserved for your culinary senses. PIA Speedex will always brighten up your day with a such special deliveries.

10 Kg Speed Box

The 10 Kg Speed Box is a specially designed, economical package that is delivered overnight, without hassles, and with the PIA Speedex promise of speed, reliability, and affordability.

US VISA Drop Box Services

PIA Speedex in collaboration with AEG Travels offers US Visa Drop box services at our Visa centres in the following seven cities;

Peshawar | Sialkot | Gujranwala | Faisalabad | Multan | Hyderabad | Quetta
For more information and check list, please feel free to contact our visa offices near you.


PIA Speedex shipments can be insured in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  1. Fragile Shipments: 1.090675 of the declared value
  2. Non-Fragile Shipments: 0.2831 of the declared value
  3. Electric Items Shipments: 1.38205 of the declared value

Documents, used electrical equipment (e.g. computers), or any other used items, jewelry, cash, cheques, diskettes, CDs and revenue documents which do not have physical value cannot be insured.