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Branded Fares

PIA is pleased to introduce “Branded Fares” through its website with additional fare choices for its valued customers. New branded fares are sellable only through PIA website initially for the selected domestic sectors between Karachi – Islamabad – Karachi & Karachi – Lahore – Karachi. The new fare choice will be further expanded to cover entire domestic and international sectors shortly.

Following are the features associated to each category of fares offered through web.


 Cabin Economy   Executive Economy Business  
 Fare Choice Economy Semi Flex Economy Flex  Executive Economy Semi-Flex Executive Economy Flex  Business Semi-Flex Business Flex 
Refund   NO YES (PKR 3000) NO  YES (PKR 3000)   No Yes (PKR 3000)  
Date Change BEF Dep  YES (PKR 2000) YES (PKR 2000)  YES (PKR 2000)   YES (PKR 2000)  YES (PKR 2000 Yes (PKR 2000) 
Date Change AFT Dep 

YES (PKR 3000)

YES (PKR 3000)  YES (PKR 3000)  YES (PKR 3000)  YES (PKR 3000)  YES (PKR 3000) 
Carry-on Baggage  7 KG   7 KG  7 KG   7 KG   7 KG  7 KG 
Checked Baggage 20 KG 20 KG 30 KG 30 KG 35 KG 35 KG